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Best11 - Online soccer manager game

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Sport: Football (Soccer)
User Rating: 70.51% (1053 votes)
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Best11 - Online soccer manager game

Description is a new free online football manager, easy to understand and without requiring too much time to play. However, the game offers plenty of things to challenge you every day. Your short term decisions as well as a wise long term strategy will in the end make the difference. Are you up to the challenge? :)

This is a quality game which gives top managers opportunity to show the skills and win thanks to good management.

A few things to know about this game:
- A season lasts 42 days and starts always on a Monday.
- League games are played daily, from Monday to Friday. Future competitions (e.g. national or international cups will be played on Saturday and/or Sunday).
- Official starting time for all games is 18:00 server time (17:00 CET). The games are actually simulated around 15 min before so make sure you set your tactics before that.
- Player`s attributes have values between 10 and 99 and each day can be increased with 0,5 (by training).

Regarding the scheduled updates:
- Players Energy regenerates with 2% every hour (except during game time).
- Injuries update is done daily at 19:46 server time (18:46 CET), basically after the matches are finished.
- Players value and salary are also updated daily at 24:00 server time (23:00 CET).
- Players morale is updated daily at 7:00 server time (6:00 CET).
- The update for transferred players is done every half hour.
- Sunday at 24:00 server time (23:00 CET) the following updates are running: players` salaries are paid, contribution for medical department is paid, stadium maintenance is paid, supporters joining or leaving the club, weekly weather forecast.
- At the end of each season (Saturday night) end of season updates are running: promotion/relegation, prizes for the final position in the classification, players age, new season draw, etc.


Free to play.


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2017-02-20 12:18:17 ademireis (unregistered) IP: 177.41.*.*
como faço para alterar a senha e entrar no jogo. esqueci a senha.
2017-02-24 00:15:53 Michal121 (unregistered) IP: 90.178.*.*
I can not log in to your team AC Sparta Praha. Why? Please help.
2017-03-03 12:32:58 Capitanul Burcea (unregistered) IP: 86.124.*.*
Awesome game! I recommend it to those who are sick of all the fancy games that are online... This one is very retro. Love it.
2017-03-18 12:29:12 Ole94 (unregistered) IP: 129.241.*.*
I love this game. It's easy, but also advanced. It's a really active forum, and the admin is so nice. He wants the best of the game. You should give it a try!
2017-03-21 04:52:09 FonchoManya (unregistered) IP: 167.56.*.*
The best online game ever! easy to understand! and very dinamic!
2017-04-28 20:41:10 nene (unregistered) IP: 95.85.*.*
Tyhle žeb?í?ky absolutn? neodpovídají realit? :) Ty lepší manažery p?edhání totální krachny jen díky nutnosti ze za?átku volit ....
2017-05-17 15:14:53 Herden5 (unregistered) IP: 80.235.*.*
I actually found through a forced advertisement in PowerPlayManager which I dislike being a moderator there. I checked the game out and I didn't see why it should deserve so much attention, it has got average training system like in dugout online and ordinary match engine. Got rid of my account in a week, the game was tiresomely boring.
2018-10-06 11:04:07 Tintin (unregistered) IP: 81.242.*.*
Very nice game. Matches every day Mon - Fri. Good tactical selection. Great youth scheme.
2018-10-07 04:43:08 chema (unregistered) IP: 201.248.*.*
Un buen juego aunque le falta algunos ajustes, como ser un poco mas realista (Inclución de recambio de jugadores durante el partido) Pero es competitivo y entretenido, ya que nunca descansa partidos de lunes a viernes.
2018-10-29 20:11:39 Hohoho (unregistered) IP: 213.226.*.*
Veryy nice! I wonder why this game isnt played by more than 600 users???
2019-02-06 20:20:58 Hamar (unregistered) IP: 2.104.*.*
Do NOT play this game.The developer has stated that he won’t continue to improve the game.
The game has a very small player-base, and the game offers almost no gameplay.Despite the things mentioned above, the developer has banned and deleted multiple accounts because they disagreed with him in public about implementations he made to the game.I highly do NOT recommend this game to anyone.(This comes from a player who have played it almost from day 1 since release. I know feel i wasted a lot of my time on “nothing”, and i consider leaving the game myself too at this point)
2019-02-21 11:13:43 Best11 Admin (unregistered) IP: 77.111.*.*
Just to be clear.

The guy above me is just frustrated because I've banned him on the forum. However, he still plays the game, and no, I didn't banned his account. Actually, I didn't banned one single account just because someone disagreed with me. This is just a stupid lie.

The fact that I don't have plenty of free time anymore to work & improve the game, is true. BTW, I'm the only guy behind this project. Anyway, who knows what the future holds...

If you decide to join the game... Enjoy!
2019-03-30 14:11:02 callumEvans (unregistered) IP: 109.181.*.*
Nice game. I'm on my 6th season now. Matches are played daily, and a good feature is the ability to save three formations. The selected one will be played automatically should you not be online on a weekday (when the matches are played).

Seasons are quick (six weeks), but player progression takes much longer, which is good balance. The youth system is good, as is the training scheme, although personally I think it should be cheaper to train 1-3 star players to encourage their use.

If I were to offer any constructive criticism it would be that the disparity between teams even within the same division is too high. It would be great if upsets occured more frequently.

All in all, definately recommend if you prefer simplicity over an overwhelming number of features. I used to play a game called oflm which was fairly retro, and this game also satisfies that criteria. The Admin is nice and quick to solve issues despite having a busy schedule.
2019-03-30 15:34:44 vlkodlak (unregistered) IP: 109.81.*.*
It is a simple and very fun game that I like very much. I like to play players from all over the world. Definitely recommendable.
2019-03-30 16:32:07 Barca (unregistered) IP: 94.226.*.*
Very good game, deserves more active users, then the current amount.

Don't hesitate and join today, you won't regret it.
2019-03-30 16:39:15 wannes88 (unregistered) IP: 94.226.*.*
Easy to play ,nice game.

Includes national teams ,world cup...
A match every weekday ,sometimes national matches in the weekend so its good to watch live games.
2019-03-30 18:42:00 Snowi (unregistered) IP: 46.125.*.*
A simple nice manager game, witch makes really fun. Every newcomer will have sucess soon ... try and enjoy the Game :-)
2019-03-30 18:56:58 megabassu (unregistered) IP: 86.127.*.*
Simple game, Club & NT, decent match engine, fast training, maybe some improvments to the TL !
2019-03-30 19:05:34 Upstairsnl (unregistered) IP: 84.26.*.*
Interesting soccergame which is easy to play.
Possibility to become coach of a national team and play to become worldchampion.
Highly recommended
2019-03-30 19:51:47 BigHoff (unregistered) IP: 109.91.*.*
Great game because of it's simplicity. Small community is looking for more support by engaged gamers, who'd like to push their home country to the top of the world!
2019-03-30 23:35:23 cotiasc (unregistered) IP: 200.255.*.*
Its very nice and addictive game, important that matches are played 5 days per week. It is also simple for beginners
2019-03-30 23:51:09 jandry (unregistered) IP: 142.93.*.*
It is the best of 4 online soccer games I have played so far. It is simple and easy for new folks. I rate it as "Best".
2019-03-31 00:00:00 Jerpamo (unregistered) IP: 190.247.*.*

It is a game that requires analyzing the opponent and being very aware of the mood and physique of your players. Actually it is addictive but it needs to improve the signings and facilities, I do not have in what to invest my money!
2019-03-31 00:07:13 parreira (unregistered) IP: 82.154.*.*
The most i like in this game it is simplicity,i play this game since season 1 and anothers similar games online but the system off young pull ups and the training of players it is very good,you are always waiting to pull up a talent player and when that hapens u just wont to train him to the max.
The comunity it is very good all the guys are supporting each other.

Best review i can give is 5 star game.
2019-03-31 03:07:30 Javito10 (unregistered) IP: 179.24.*.*
A very interesting manager. One of the best things is simplicity, both in the interface and in the gameplay. It is necessary, as much as possible, to enter every day to collect bonuses, train players and prepare the team, but it does not take more than 10-15 minutes to do this.
The negative could be the low number of users at the moment.
2019-03-31 03:12:40 venturiniace (unregistered) IP: 2.37.*.*
It's a great game. I think it could increase interesting of players for next years because the admin is very active. The game is really simple and all new users can play together and learn in really low time!
2019-03-31 04:26:59 Dugbark (unregistered) IP: 65.24.*.*
A game that completes seasons much quicker than other on-line Futbal management games but requires work, as it should, to achieve promotion. I play a number of different on line management games and this is amongst my favorites.
2019-03-31 09:00:11 ronaldbrouns (unregistered) IP: 217.62.*.*
It's a nice game, simple to understand and play. 5 matches in a week so it is not boring but it also doesn't cost many time to spend to play this game. There's an active community if you want to talk with people.
2019-03-31 15:19:34 dok2ren (unregistered) IP: 80.197.*.*
A very nice game. Very simple and easy to understand. It could be optimized a bit but one of the strong sides of the game is it's simplicity and it's very easy to understand and doesn't take too much time.
Nice community as well.
I can strongly recommend this game *****
2019-03-31 15:59:26 FlevoTJ (unregistered) IP: 86.86.*.*
This game is a very nice football game.
A big advantage is that you can play a match every day. It's easy to play. Train your players every day, and play that match with your best players.
Have fun!
2019-03-31 17:40:28 nineteensixtysix (unregistered) IP: 90.193.*.*
five star management simulator around its a must try easy to pick up but takes a while to master good community too which is always pleasing....1966
2019-03-31 20:13:34 Lolita (unregistered) IP: 95.90.*.*
Very nice Game. You would got a lot of fun and it‘s nice to have opportunities for also becoming help from the better one‘s. I like it‘s internationality.
2019-03-31 22:44:56 johviu (unregistered) IP: 77.111.*.*
Very nice game. Not too complicated.
it's easy to understand and easy to play witout using too much time. Nice community as well
2019-04-01 00:48:14 dainisb (unregistered) IP: 83.99.*.*
Very fun game, it is simple and therefore is good for new players to learn fast. Only problem that there is only 57 countries, some players cannot play by their flag. Anyway, I would rate it as "Best".
2019-04-01 07:01:09 petarda80 (unregistered) IP: 91.228.*.*
This game is very good to have fun. It is necesary to use day by day but do not takes so much time. Every day match, international gameplay, too. Kind Admin. Good one !
2019-04-01 18:59:07 Strip (unregistered) IP: 82.74.*.*
Very nice football management game. Not quite very difficult to play, but You have to plan your strategy right. The games are very exciting and there´s always an unpredictability, because there is also a small luck factor.
I recommend this game for lovers of footballmanagers games. It´s easy and fast.
2019-04-02 16:34:22 chipmonk (unregistered) IP: 199.249.*.*
simple and fun game like very much. I like to play players from all over the world if you want a new game this is for you
2019-04-03 00:31:54 Smokiebear (unregistered) IP: 80.108.*.*
I recommend this game for all users, who like Football Manager games but don't have time to spend many hours what you need in other games like HT. Easy to understand and nice competitions with League system and World Cup for National Teams.
2019-04-03 14:22:52 szeregus (unregistered) IP: 81.26.*.*
Very nice game. It's worth having a little time to relax.
2019-04-04 16:35:22 Xente (unregistered) IP: 37.133.*.*

- The game is easy and fast to understand
- Has National teams
- 1 month = 1 season


At this moment the game needs more active players to reactivate the transfer market and make the game more competitive

2019-04-06 00:21:38 DesertFox (unregistered) IP: 68.108.*.*

5 star game. I've been playing since the first season and would recommend it. 5 matches a week, short 6 week seasons, good transfer and youth setup. It's truly an international league with players from over 50 countries playing. Great fun
2019-04-08 18:20:26 chema (unregistered) IP: 186.94.*.*

It is a game with a medium dynamics, since in my opinion I could have a COPA which would improve the participation and attract more manager. It also lacks the detail of being able to count on changing players and games and this would facilitate the training of the rookies. Another detail is the election of NT-Nationals should be able to be elected by the players of the game and not by a random hype.

In the positive points, we are a small community is very active, it is one of the few games where the Spanish-speaking community is entertained in the forum and this is very good for a game. And in the same way all the communities, especially those of Belgium and Romania.

Perhaps with time and the integration of new managers and Redboy motivate hire a new server and can create up to Team B.

I love it is the simple thing of the game in the formation and that the parties are to dirios, ademas if you can not perform the alignment the game collects a predetermined one.

Play it and you will have a saga to meet the challenge is the first division and maintain the category.
2019-04-09 19:16:29 Conte11 (unregistered) IP: 109.149.*.*
Fun to play game with decent functionality, but limited opportunities for tactical variations and no substitution option. Dynamic but does require some (circa 5 minute max) daily input.
2019-04-11 00:39:48 madalyn24 (unregistered) IP: 84.210.*.*
Very nice game. It's worth having a little time to relax.
2019-05-06 04:33:26 Yonut39 (unregistered) IP: 178.232.*.*
Very nice game. It's worth having a little time to relax.
2019-05-17 00:11:35 Yonut39 (unregistered) IP: 178.232.*.*
Fun to play game with decent functionality, but limited opportunities for tactical variations and no substitution option. Dynamic but does require some (circa 5 minute max) daily input.
2020-04-12 13:58:26 Max808 (unregistered) IP: 98.151.*.*
Been playing this game for about 2 years now. Only drawback is there are too many bot teams in the lower leagues. Common to beat teams 10-0 or 8-1. Overall, it's still a good game.
2020-05-12 17:03:38 callumEvans (unregistered) IP: 2.28.*.*
This is still a great simple game. Doesn't take up much of your time (you can get away with just a couple of minutes) but also allows you to see your team improve slowly over time. Would benefit from more players currently :)
2022-10-20 22:52:40 paultb (unregistered) IP: 94.215.*.*
Nice oldschool game to play, it doesn't take too many time but 1 daily login is rewarded.

Point to improve: The Dutch player names are too much soccer related and with incorrect capitals. Many names like Kluivert, Van Bommel, Kuijt and Seedorf in my team.
2022-11-26 01:28:53 paultb (unregistered) IP: 94.215.*.*
The game seems to be down for about 10 days now. I can login but after clicking on a daily present I get logged out again. This also happens when I don't open a present. If other managers have the same experience or can still play please post here. I have e-mailed the developer 3 times but no reply.
2024-01-15 22:50:50 FlevoTJ (unregistered) IP: 86.86.*.*
Graag wil ik vragen aan de eigenaar vd app of er een nieuw spel komt.
Omdat de site "under construction" is, zou je denken dat het spel wordt verbeterd.
Laat de ontwikkelaar Redboy aangeven wat de stand van zaken is. HOU ONS OP DE HOOGTE!
2024-01-26 19:40:54 Soares (unregistered) IP: 84.90.*.*
Demora muito a fazer o site! Também gostei do jogo e quero voltar a jogar. Espero que o Redboy tenho os nossos nomes de usuário e email´s para nos avisar quando estiver pronto!


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