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Best11 - Online soccer manager game

Try new formula 1 manager game!
Sport: Football (Soccer)
User Rating: 73.91% (617 votes)
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Best11 - Online soccer manager game

Description is a new free online football manager, easy to understand and without requiring too much time to play. However, the game offers plenty of things to challenge you every day. Your short term decisions as well as a wise long term strategy will in the end make the difference. Are you up to the challenge? :)

A few things to know about this game:
- A season lasts 42 days and starts always on a Monday.
- League games are played daily, from Monday to Friday. Future competitions (e.g. national or international cups will be played on Saturday and/or Sunday).
- Official starting time for all games is 18:00 server time (17:00 CET). The games are actually simulated around 15 min before so make sure you set your tactics before that.
- Player`s attributes have values between 10 and 99 and each day can be increased with 0,5 (by training).

Regarding the scheduled updates:
- Players Energy regenerates with 2% every hour (except during game time).
- Injuries update is done daily at 19:46 server time (18:46 CET), basically after the matches are finished.
- Players value and salary are also updated daily at 24:00 server time (23:00 CET).
- Players morale is updated daily at 7:00 server time (6:00 CET).
- The update for transferred players is done every half hour.
- Sunday at 24:00 server time (23:00 CET) the following updates are running: players` salaries are paid, contribution for medical department is paid, stadium maintenance is paid, supporters joining or leaving the club, weekly weather forecast.
- At the end of each season (Saturday night) end of season updates are running: promotion/relegation, prizes for the final position in the classification, players age, new season draw, etc.


Free to play.


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2017-02-20 12:18:17 ademireis (unregistered) IP: 177.41.*.*
como faço para alterar a senha e entrar no jogo. esqueci a senha.
2017-02-23 21:30:36 No more SOKKER (unregistered) IP: 213.112.*.*
Finally, a game that suits me perfectly...
2017-02-24 00:15:53 Michal121 (unregistered) IP: 90.178.*.*
I can not log in to your team AC Sparta Praha. Why? Please help.
2017-03-01 10:06:36 foxelav (unregistered) IP: 188.11.*.*
Very simple, but nice
2017-03-03 12:32:58 Capitanul Burcea (unregistered) IP: 86.124.*.*
Awesome game! I recommend it to those who are sick of all the fancy games that are online... This one is very retro. Love it.
2017-03-06 17:43:18 yo (unregistered) IP: 95.41.*.*
nice game
2017-03-07 06:59:20 Ross (unregistered) IP: 47.91.*.*
Awesome game
2017-03-16 08:35:30 Davoj (unregistered) IP: 197.211.*.*
Very nice game
2017-03-18 12:29:12 Ole94 (unregistered) IP: 129.241.*.*
I love this game. It's easy, but also advanced. It's a really active forum, and the admin is so nice. He wants the best of the game. You should give it a try!
2017-03-19 03:21:03 melacommo (unregistered) IP: 167.57.*.*
soy puto
2017-03-21 04:52:09 FonchoManya (unregistered) IP: 167.56.*.*
The best online game ever! easy to understand! and very dinamic!
2017-04-28 11:43:19 David Twinkle Toes (unregistered) IP: 82.145.*.*
Very nice game, easy to understand, thumbs up Redboy
2017-04-28 20:41:10 nene (unregistered) IP: 95.85.*.*
Tyhle žeb?í?ky absolutn? neodpovídají realit? :) Ty lepší manažery p?edhání totální krachny jen díky nutnosti ze za?átku volit ....
2017-05-17 15:14:53 Herden5 (unregistered) IP: 80.235.*.*
I actually found through a forced advertisement in PowerPlayManager which I dislike being a moderator there. I checked the game out and I didn't see why it should deserve so much attention, it has got average training system like in dugout online and ordinary match engine. Got rid of my account in a week, the game was tiresomely boring.
2017-05-22 12:49:43 wei805030760 (unregistered) IP: 113.91.*.*
2017-05-22 12:52:17 wei805030760 (unregistered) IP: 113.91.*.*
I didn't receive any mail messages when I registered
2018-02-14 17:28:44 Lux1976 (unregistered) IP: 193.203.*.*
very interesting
2018-02-21 12:13:14 Lux1976 (unregistered) IP: 193.227.*.*
very nice
2018-03-20 17:04:46 Curt (unregistered) IP: 217.214.*.*
2018-08-06 05:18:35 madalyn24 (unregistered) IP: 86.126.*.*
nice !
2018-10-06 08:47:06 Criss (unregistered) IP: 77.111.*.*
Awesome game with a very nice community!
2018-10-06 09:34:13 ONESTI (unregistered) IP: 5.13.*.*
2018-10-06 11:04:07 Tintin (unregistered) IP: 81.242.*.*
Very nice game. Matches every day Mon - Fri. Good tactical selection. Great youth scheme.
2018-10-06 17:23:16 buch (unregistered) IP: 37.249.*.*
very nice game
2018-10-07 04:43:08 chema (unregistered) IP: 201.248.*.*
Un buen juego aunque le falta algunos ajustes, como ser un poco mas realista (Inclución de recambio de jugadores durante el partido) Pero es competitivo y entretenido, ya que nunca descansa partidos de lunes a viernes.
2018-10-07 07:16:30 petarda (unregistered) IP: 84.2.*.*
Matches day by day, good server, fave fun!
2018-10-29 20:11:39 Hohoho (unregistered) IP: 213.226.*.*
Veryy nice! I wonder why this game isnt played by more than 600 users???
2019-01-18 02:42:02 D!VE S (unregistered) IP: 109.146.*.*
Has a great deal of depth and realism. Suits me well.
2019-02-06 20:20:58 Hamar (unregistered) IP: 2.104.*.*
Do NOT play this game.The developer has stated that he won’t continue to improve the game.
The game has a very small player-base, and the game offers almost no gameplay.Despite the things mentioned above, the developer has banned and deleted multiple accounts because they disagreed with him in public about implementations he made to the game.I highly do NOT recommend this game to anyone.(This comes from a player who have played it almost from day 1 since release. I know feel i wasted a lot of my time on “nothing”, and i consider leaving the game myself too at this point)
2019-02-21 11:13:43 Best11 Admin (unregistered) IP: 77.111.*.*
Just to be clear.

The guy above me is just frustrated because I've banned him on the forum. However, he still plays the game, and no, I didn't banned his account. Actually, I didn't banned one single account just because someone disagreed with me. This is just a stupid lie.

The fact that I don't have plenty of free time anymore to work & improve the game, is true. BTW, I'm the only guy behind this project. Anyway, who knows what the future holds...

If you decide to join the game... Enjoy!

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