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Extra Time Online - Online soccer manager game

Try new formula 1 manager game!
Sport: Football (Soccer)
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Extra Time Online - Online soccer manager game


The object is simple, be the best manager!
As a starting manager you can only get a job in the bottom division. This though is just temporary though an important part of the game. The division generally determines the capabilities of fellow managers. As the other managers at this level will also be fairly new to the game, it gives you a chance of winning. Don’t worry, you can swap jobs, taking over other teams, you just need to have enough manager points to take over ones in higher divisions.
It is not difficult to take over teams in higher divisions, it just needs a bit of skill and some work. You wouldn’t want to face veteran managers before you are ready – yes, you can be sacked if things go badly!
If you want though, you can stick with the same team. By playing well, you will be able to get the team promoted – who knows, one day Morecambe may be top of the Prem… well, in your world at least!




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2012-03-05 07:25:03 Alhassan (unregistered) IP: 109.230.*.*
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