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FCOwner - Online soccer manager game

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Sport: Football (Soccer)
User Rating: 61.99% (73 votes)
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FCOwner - Online soccer manager game


FCOwner is a game which allows you to run your own football club in a detailed game world which features real clubs and competitions from around the world.

Owner's begin with 10,000,000rq with which they can buy up to 3 teams, choosing from England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands or Turkey. Competitions in these countries range from the top flight to non-league. As well as authentic domestic competitions, the Champions League and Europa League are also in the game.

Additionally, there is a fully simulated international scene, with the World Cup, Euro Championships, African Nations, Asian Cup, Copa America and CONCACAF Gold Cup all taking place.

Run your club by hiring/firing staff, scouting and signing players, improving training/youth facilities, increasing the capacity of your stadium or developing a new one. You can leave team selection and tactics to your manager, or you can take over - the game allows you to choose the teams formation, tactics and pick the starting lineup for individual matches or as a default - how much you get involved is up to you!

Visit the site and have a browse now - many of the screens, including league standings, results/fixtures, match reports, and the game guides can be viewed without registering.


Free to play / in-game purchases possible


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2023-01-09 01:03:37 vicmafraigar (unregistered) IP: 79.146.*.*
The game is okay, but I think it has a lot of room for improvement.
I miss a guide for new players and, above all, the option to play in languages ??other than English.
2023-01-25 12:08:58 JMH (unregistered) IP: 71.244.*.*
I've only been playing for a few weeks, but I'm impressed so far. Only complaints I have is that you can't permanently manage an international team. It's basically a short-term contract and then you have to give another user a chance. Also, scouting players and setting a lineup for matches could be more user friendly processes than they are. But overall, it's a good game. I like the owner aspect. It is unique in that you can decide how involved you want to get with your clubs. You can delegate tasks to your manager if you want to.
2023-11-15 11:54:24 vimafraigar (unregistered) IP: 2.139.*.*
It's a shame that there are only a small number of players who enjoy this game.
It is true that it may require a slightly more difficult learning curve than other similar games, but I think it is worth it.
To facilitate the task of new managers, I consider that the teams acquired by a new manager should be reset so that he does not find himself with a team full of old players and/or with exorbitant salaries that can quickly discourage a rookie player.


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