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FUEL Basketball - Online basketball manager game

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Sport: Basketball
User Rating: 39.06% (64 votes)
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FUEL Basketball - Online basketball manager game


FUEL (Frey United Euro League) Basketball is an online basketball manager game, where You can manage your own basketball team and compete with other basketball fans from around the world for the championship title.




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2012-08-27 07:45:37 Danut (unregistered) IP: 194.146.*.*
that the movie was racist ainsagt Indians therefore it could not be racist ainsagt whites. You also argued that becasue there is no consensus there is no racism. Both of those arguments have no value. I am not interested in the silly opinions of God knows what self loathing fool in the UK . I will ask you this, you do realize that the white man that the idiot at the is talking about is in fact doing all his good deeds as an alien aborigine. You also realize that THERE ARE NO INDIANS IN THIS MOVIE, they are ten foot tall creatures with tails form planet la di da. You got that right? You understand that the whites are Caucasian Homo Sapient, yes? My analysis is based on nothing but facts his is based on conjecture and opinions.Now I dont agree with his point, its silly and convoluted -mostly because there is no hide or hair of any Indian in the movie and the guy is probably just projecting his own prejudice- but so be it. Please explain to me how his point invalidates mine. Explain to me how Cameron portraying aborigines as hapless fools somehow makes it impossible for him to portray whites as murderous mercenaries? Thats the essence of your argument so by all means go ahead and make it.
2016-02-08 22:22:51 Greta (unregistered) IP: 201.248.*.*
At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prlbmeo!
2022-03-17 20:59:22 lvivmanatee (unregistered) IP: 5.199.*.*
The game is back and looks very promising. I love the game - and it's only alpha version!
2022-09-08 17:32:52 beardy4 (unregistered) IP: 83.9.*.*
pretty good game, although rather minimalistic

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