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Basket Pulse - Online basketball manager game

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Sport: Basketball
User Rating: 69.25% (443 votes)
69.25% 69.25% 69.25% 69.25% 69.25%
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Basket Pulse - Online basketball manager game


BasketPulse is an online basketball management game. All that is needed to play this game is a PC or mobile phone with an internet.

Registered user gets a basketball club and becomes its manager. The aim of the game is to make one's club the best in his country and maybe even in the world. However, it is not that easy task as other users have the same intention, too.

Users can lead not only their main teams but also their youth teams and run as candidates to lead national teams. The game is played by people from all around the world.

The game is a reflection of real basketball and it involves many aspects of managing a basketball club. It is important to deal with finances, sign and train players, find appropriate tactics for the particular match and many more. Managers have to tune all elements so that they work perfectly for their club.

The game is realistic and time friendly. There is no need to login at a specific time, thus managers can play whenever they want and spend as much time as they want.

Users find not only competition and challenges but also a community of basketball lovers and a way to have a good time.




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2020-05-25 15:23:54 Zaidejas9 (unregistered) IP: 78.56.*.*
Best basketball manager in the Internet. Just join and you will see that I am right :)
2020-05-25 15:37:33 Moose (unregistered) IP: 78.57.*.*
One of the greatest basketball manager games online. Daily games/training; possibility to scout/sign on free market/trade players with other managers hook you up fast.
2020-05-25 15:53:07 Kipras_Justas (unregistered) IP: 78.61.*.*
Best manager out there. Daily games, you can control your players, coaches, arenas, finances, tactics, and a lot of other things. Just join and I'm sure you'll like it if you like basketball in general.
2020-05-25 17:17:12 Ariel (unregistered) IP: 181.46.*.*
Well, as an old fanatic webnet games, and after playing almost everything, I can confirm that this is a TOP 3 af all times.
2020-06-04 15:29:55 m (unregistered) IP: 130.227.*.*
a great game for basketball lovers by basketball lovers! Highly recomme d!
2020-07-21 17:31:13 Berb (unregistered) IP: 37.47.*.*
Not a masterpiece of managers, but quite good comparing to other basketball managers.
2020-08-02 11:03:25 Hociquillos (unregistered) IP: 88.15.*.*
Great game.
I’ve played many online basket manager games.
This one is the best.
2021-02-07 06:43:23 Tricky1128 (unregistered) IP: 76.113.*.*
I personally think this is the best online basketball manger game out there and I've tried many. The community is great and very helpful. shout out to Wilt100 thanks a lot.
2021-03-23 19:46:22 lvivmanatee (unregistered) IP: 128.124.*.*
Great game with great admins and community.
Realistic training, realistic market...
I played in many managers, including basketball ones, and I love BasketPulse. My favourite game at the moment.
I love that BasketPulse offers realistic simulation of European basketball.
2021-04-10 00:35:13 Luisprepelic (unregistered) IP: 31.4.*.*
Extremely addictive, you can spend many hours a week working on the progress of your team. Highly recommended
2021-08-17 16:33:21 filou (unregistered) IP: 91.181.*.*
I think one of the best online browser manager games! Great work, great community! Love it!

Belgian Players, please play the game and help the Dutch/French community grow!
2021-11-03 16:07:26 MagicHB (unregistered) IP: 151.42.*.*
È un gioco stupendo.
Invito tutti a giocare a Basket manager
2022-12-27 17:53:12 PK00074848 (unregistered) IP: 84.78.*.*
Quite a nice game, but new motor engine has worsened the whole game
2023-01-19 04:21:48 ratun (unregistered) IP: 90.45.*.*
You act as a Club manager competing in an International Championship (main competition) and a National one, with leagues organized in a pyramid system
Matches are on a daily schedule for a nine weeks season, which gives a nice pace where there's always something to do

Economy is quite a fair, as it gets away from classical buy/sell models with the main money sources coming from sponsors adapted to international league level and spectators attendance within your home arena, putting every club from a league level on a same budget
Added to that are mutli-seasonal contracts for players and coaches to recruit during a free and limited market with a blind bid regulated system. There's also the possibility of trading players with other managers

Skills and Tactics are quite classic for this kind of game/sport, with then a Potential skill and hidden potential factors impacting players and coaches evolution
Player formation is developed, as you can start by putting scouted rookies to school, then promote them into a youth team competing in a Youth league, as to acquire sufficient skill and experience to join your main roster
Training is done daily for all your team's members based on playtime, so you'll have to manage it with the dynamic substitution system and rotate your players to maintain them in good shape
Of course, there's also National teams competing in World Cup (U16, U18, U18, A) for which you can be elected as manager

Developers are regularly maintaining and improving the game, functionally and aesthetically, and communicating with the users base
All in all, a great game with a nice community

Et la communauté Française est très accueillante. N'hésitez pas
2023-01-23 17:31:05 worst game (unregistered) IP: 130.185.*.*
worst game out of all, it is an idiotic nonsense, avoid for the good of your mental health
2023-01-24 17:21:05 tactics don't work (unregistered) IP: 130.185.*.*
what a horrible little "game", tactics don't work, they are there just for cosmetic purposes, every game idiotic random nonsense, admin doesn't have a clue what he is doing, horrible horrible game, i played many manager games, different sports, and this "game" is by far the worst out of all of them
2023-03-17 13:17:26 blog tech (unregistered) IP: 80.49.*.*
Wi?cej o grze napisa?em we wpisie na blogu (PL):
2023-06-10 15:31:16 Bebrs (unregistered) IP: 212.3.*.*
Game were some guys can just decide when to cancel your trades based on their liking. You can go through endless days in lowest league with bots and hope for luck. Game favours old players a lot-you need credits even not to be there every day, but everything that concerns trades is unpredictible and formal.
There are no possibility to sell your talents or invest only in talent early as they are unaffordable.
If you ready to be treated as cheater when you are not- welcome to this. I when out after 40 days which i really regret
2023-06-22 17:37:09 emiliano2022 (unregistered) IP: 46.217.*.*
The game is one of the best online basketball management games. Admins introduce new features more often, the game is updated more often. The finances and weekly salaries of the players are real, not inflated like some other online basketball games. The only thing missing for now, I hope for now, is that, players can't be sold, they can only be traded, or fired, that's the only fault in this game, but I hope the admins soon they will also introduce that function.


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