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23.05.2012 - Greetings. We are a new kid on a block as far as boxing management games go, and we are different. You don’t usually see long manuals for boxing games. But that’s because you don’t usually see deep, strategic boxing games. Well, at least I didn’t. I’ve been a fan of boxing for a long time. Along with football (the one where you use your feet), boxing’s been one of my favorite sports.
I got my football strategy fix from the excellent Championship Manager series. Unfortunately there was nothing similar for boxing. So I figured that I’d make it. It was going to be an easy graduate school project…I was way too optimistic. But I’m glad it took 4 years to finish. My football days being over over due to constant ankle injuries, I picked up boxing to stay in shape. I think it really helped me make a much more realistic game. I hope you enjoy playing it; I certainly had fun making it.

It’s a very detailed game and there are plenty of things for boxing managers to do. Still the game is turn based, so once you get basics learning out of the way you can be a successful manager regardless of how much time you spend playing the game; this in contrast to real-time online games that reward those players who can afford to spend many more hours playing the game.


The late 1990’s seemed to usher in the beginning of the end of boxing. Irrelevant organizations, an alphabet soup of titles, and excessive weight divisions were bad enough problems but the rampant corruption was the real killer for the sport that had been king just a few short decades before. When mixed martial arts entered the mass media the boxing gurus did nothing to promote their sport. Their arrogance, just as ubiquitous as their corruption, lead them to assume that boxing would always be king. With not a single boxing event available on public television and big money pay per view events that almost never lived up to hype boxing was a dying sport.

In order to reinvigorate the fans the Box2Glory (B2G) organization was created in 2018. B2G took a page out of FIFA’s book by building an international boxing organization with universally accepted, well defined rules and regulations. In 2020 B2G went live and started holding their sanctioned bouts. The boxers had the chance to gain promotion out of their respective countries to the continental and eventually world level competitions. To improve the safety of the boxers the size/weight of the glove was drastically reduced. This helped to avoid prolonged beatings and resulted in higher number of quicker and therefore safer KO victories.

In the beginning not many big names boxers signed for B2G; the boxing establishment was hostile to this upstart organization and boxers did not want to risk their financial well-being, which was so closely tied to this establishment. B2G was only active in a few select countries and financial rewards were much smaller than what top boxers could’ve made outside of B2G. However, with time, it became obvious that B2G represented a
much needed fresh start. Some contracts were signed and boxing once again started to appear on network television.

In time, it became harder and harder to believe that boxing once existed without Box2Glory.

Check out the manual to see if this game is right for you!

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