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News: Two-player games you should play

for co-op or competitive fun

21.12.2023 - The gaming industry is not only popular, but is also constantly evolving, offering new formats for most gamers to play with different numbers of participants.

Not everyone plays with four or even three players, and session projects are often designed for large groups, so it may be difficult for two friends to find interesting projects, although it is possible, and we will consider them in this collection.

FC 24

FC 24 is a continuation of the FIFA series of football simulators, which changed its name due to the lack of renewal of the agreement between the developers from EA Sports and the football organization of the same name. Otherwise, this is the same FIFA 24, but with FC 24 coins and one of the best projects for playing together in single matches, or a full-fledged confrontation in online leagues with each other and other opponents for advancement in divisions and tournaments from EA.

Singles match

The most common format that can be played on one PC using gamepads, or a keyboard, or via the Internet, where each match is a new unique meeting in which each player chooses his favorite club or team and plays one match in which there should be The winner is determined in standard playing time, or through extra periods and penalties if necessary.

League play

By playing with a friend, you can start your regular gameplay online, competing with each other not only on the football field, but also at the level of personal achievements within leagues, obtaining unique players and accumulating cheap FC 24 coins.

You will even meet each other as part of the confrontation in matches - if you are assigned to one division until someone moves on, but the promotion can affect both characters.

If you get into one match, it will be a fair meeting and confrontation that will decide who will get more FIFA 24 coins and become the winners with a potential opportunity for revenge. You may even meet each other in person during preparation matches for tournaments, or qualifications, but since absolutely all leagues and divisions are involved in such a selection of opponents, the overall chance is not very large.

CS 2

If you love shooting and session shooters like CS GO and CS 2, then you should play it with a friend.

The fact is that the developers have created several modes for group play, which can be convenient for most gamers.

For example, for a company of three or more players, the matchmaking mode will be more optimal, because they will form the overall backbone of the group and bring the greatest benefit throughout the entire match and, if possible, communicate and talk normally with the rest of the players and perhaps even assemble a full stack of 5 players.

It will be more difficult for two players, because they must adapt to the others, and it is not a fact that they will turn out to be pleasant and sociable players, so in this case 2x2 games can be easier and more enjoyable.

This is similar to matchmaking but is designed for four players, two on each team.

In such a match there will be only 1 site and three roads to it. There will be fewer rounds, and the winner will be determined based on the results of 15 fights in one direction or the other.

This is an excellent mode for training retention, or knocking out a target with small forces, and the partners mode has its own rating system that will help you separate your personal skills in MM from 2x2 and fully enjoy the modes in which you can play and rely only on yourself and a friend and This is to have personal ranks and skills.


If you like larger-scale projects in which you need to act over a large area and combine all your actions within the framework of general plans and survival format, then PUBG and other active projects in the battle royale genre will suit you.

You can choose a special format for two players and all participants in the match will be represented in small squads of two people, where a total of 100 players will meet on the game map with a claim to the right to become top 1 in this match.

You need to think about the general landing point and generally decide the format in which you will play.

This could be an adventure with a landing in a large city, where the brightest battles and skirmishes always take place and many players immediately fly out and go to another match, and those with better accuracy and equipment, based on their results, bring their match to top 1 status.

This is a great approach to have fun and colorful matches, practice quickly finding equipment and weapons, and learn how to shoot at enemies. At first, you will die often, but gradually you will learn and accumulate PUBG coins to exchange them for various cosmetic decorations for clothing, or the appearance of small arms.

Dota 2

This is a MOBA game from Valve, in which more than 100 characters with unique skills and abilities are available for selection and play in teams of 5 players.

There are two thrones on the map - the main shrines, and each of the two teams has a task - to protect their base and destroy the enemy.

You need to mine gold, kill enemies and level up in order to bring local creeps to the enemy base and destroy it.

Despite the fact that Dota is a team game, all players distribute their forces across three lines in order to hold them and slowly push them towards the enemy base.

Players line up on a 2x1x2 basis, which means you can play with a friend on the same line and contribute to the early stages of the match depending on your role.

Kerry is a hero who is weak at the beginning of the game, but gains strength through levels and items. He is the main strength of the team, who needs help at the very beginning.

The mid laner is a central lane player who stands alone on it and gains levels faster, which allows him to start hunting for enemy heroes before anyone else.

An offlaner is a player who often takes the brunt of the damage through survivability, or skills.

Support - heroes who have weak damage but strong skills and who must help their attacking heroes get the required potential and finish the match in their favor.