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News: Kentucky Derby

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25.04.2012 - On Saturday, May 5th, the 138th Kentucky Derby will take place in Louisville, Kentucky. Millions will be watching this event on television and online. If you can’t make it to Churchill Downs May 5th, you can do the next best thing: host a Kentucky Derby party. If you like to bet the ponies, you can also place a bet online. Every year the best thoroughbreds in the world participate in the ‘run for the roses.’ In Louisville the partying during the two weeks before the Derby has been compared to Mardi Gras. In addition to the race there are steamboat races, fireworks, a hot air balloon race and several private parties.
If you plan to invite some friends over to watch the race there are a few southern essentials that any Derby day party must have. First and foremost is the Mint Julep. The fabled mint julep has long been associated with southern cuisine. A traditional mint julep contains four basic ingredients; fresh mint, fine bourbon, sugar and water. Usually spearmint is used to make mint juleps. Some experts say that the mint leaves should be bruised when making the drink while others say that the mint should only be used as a garnish. The origins of the drink are unknown but in 1803 the first recipe appeared in print. Every year over 120,000 mint juleps are sold at Churchill Downs. High rollers at the derby have been known to pay $1,000 for a custom made mint julep. For a Derby party any good quality bourbon will suffice.

There are several southern dishes that are closely associated with the Kentucky Derby. Burgoo is a soup or stew or sorts that contains several kinds of meat and has been served at Derby related events for over 100 years. There are many easy Burgoo recipes available online and preparation is not time consuming or difficult. The Kentucky Hot Brown sandwich is another popular Derby food. Usually wither ham or turkey is used and the sandwich is served with an easy to make cheese sauce. Other southern favorites like southern barbecue with ribs, biscuits and corn on the cob may be served at a Derby bash.

The Kentucky Derby has become a cultural event over the years and is one of the most wagered sports events. Placing a bet is a must for any Derby fan. In states with legal off-track betting, placing a bet is as easy as playing internet bingo. For those in other states placing a bet online is an option. For beginners there are several types of bets available.

Win-is a bet that a single horse will win. Place-This is a bet for a horse to finish first or second. Show-Is a bet that a horse will place in the top three positions. Across the Board-this is very similar to a show bet but if the horse comes in first or second the payout is much larger.

Exacta-Is a bet for first and second places in the exact order. Exacta Box-The same as the exacta bet but the winners can be in any order. Trifecta-A bet on the top three finishers in exact order. Trifecta Box-The finishers can be in any order. Superfecta-Betting on the top four finishers in exact order. This bet has the largest payout but is difficult. Superfecta Box-The four finishers do not have to be in exact order.

It is not difficult to find a reputable betting site, and a quick Google search will reveal many options. Having a bet on a horse or horses always makes the event more exciting. You may also check the betting odds on all the horses at several websites devoted to the Kentucky Derby. Have a great time and good luck!