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Beyond Football Manager

08.06.2023 - Sports management games have long been dominated by the renowned Football Manager series. However, there's a vast array of exciting alternatives available for fans who wish to venture beyond the realm of soccer management.


This article presents a compilation of 11 great sports management gaming platforms that encompass various sports, offering unique gameplay experiences. From baseball to motorsports, tennis to esports, these games provide immersive simulations for sports enthusiasts seeking a fresh challenge.

Out of the Park Baseball: The Premier Baseball-Management Sim
The Out of the Park Baseball series has established itself as the pinnacle of baseball management sims since its inception in 1999. With official licensing from Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball, this game enables players to construct their dream teams and compete for glory.

Each iteration of the series has built upon its predecessor, continually refining the gameplay and offering an unparalleled baseball management experience.

Motorsport Manager: Unleash Your Inner Racing Mogul
While F1 Manager 2022 may be the flashy newcomer in motorsport management, the Motorsport Manager franchise remains a solid choice for racing enthusiasts. Available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, macOS, Linux, and the Nintendo Switch, this game allows players to develop their racing team, make strategic decisions, and navigate the complexities of the competitive motorsports industry.

WBSC eBaseball Power Pros: Konami's Take on Baseball Management
Step up to the plate with WBSC eBaseball Power Pros, the sports management game that has the potential to become one of the all-time greats, all while putting a refreshing spin on the genre. Available on the PS4 and Switch, this game delivers a taste of Konami's renowned baseball gameplay that has been delighting fans in Japan and Asia for nearly three decades. While the visuals may take you back to the polished glory of the N64 era, eBaseball more than makes up for it with its remarkable, customizable team editor, allowing you to construct your very own dream team. Plus, with adjustable controls, you can fine-tune your gameplay experience to perfection.

eBaseball is a game that caters to both casual and hardcore baseball fans, offering a wide range of gameplay options that will keep you hooked. It's like the MLB betting odds of gaming - you never know what surprises await you! From simplistic arcade-style gameplay to the complexity of MLB games, complete with option selects, this game has it all. Even if you're new to the game, fear not! eBaseball provides a helpful tutorial to get you started on your journey to baseball greatness.

But that's not all. eBaseball offers a plethora of offline, online, and multiplayer features that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Compete against friends or players from around the world and showcase your managerial prowess. And to top it all off, the icing on the cake is the affordable price tag of just $1, making it an unbeatable deal for baseball enthusiasts of all levels of dedication.

So grab your controller, dust off your baseball cap, and get ready to experience the excitement and thrills of managing your own baseball team like never before. WBSC eBaseball Power Pros is a game that hits it out of the park and guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience.

F1 Manager 2022: Reviving Formula 1 Management
There are numerous racing games based on Formula 1, but not many focused on management. F1 Manager 2022, developed by Frontier Developments, takes a shot at filling this gap. Building on the My Career option from F1 2020, players can customize their cars, acquire new parts, and collaborate with real F1 staff to strategize their pacing and pit stops.

Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, F1 Manager 2022 offers an immersive management experience for motorsport enthusiasts.

Teamfight Manager: Managing eSports Teams
In the realm of eSports, Teamfight Manager offers a unique twist. Created by Team Samoyed, this game allows players to manage their eSport team in a 16-bit adaptation of DOTA. From drafting and banning champions to utilizing training points for skill enhancement, players can fine-tune their team's performance.

They can upgrade training facilities, provide new equipment, and compete against AI or friends in battles. Available on PC, macOS, and the Nintendo Switch, Teamfight Manager offers a refreshing change of pace for eSports enthusiasts.

Total Extreme Wrestling 2020: Booking Wrestling Success
While WWE games have included GM Modes, they often lack the depth and realism of managing a professional wrestling promotion. Total Extreme Wrestling, developed by Grey Dog Software, bridges this gap. With its latest entry, Total Extreme Wrestling 2020, the game offers a text-based experience packed with options to keep players engaged.

From booking storylines to assigning gimmicks and managing TV ratings, players can navigate the intricate world of a wrestling promotion. Available on PC, the game provides a comprehensive wrestling management experience.

The world of sports management games extends far beyond the popular Football Manager series. There are a variety of exciting alternatives available for fans who want to explore different sports. From baseball to motorsports, tennis to esports, and even professional wrestling, these games offer immersive simulations and unique gameplay experiences.

Whether you're a fan of a specific sport or looking to try something new, these sports management games provide a fresh challenge and hours of entertainment for enthusiasts seeking to delve into the world of managing sports teams.