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News: The Best Managers

at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

02.12.2022 - If you're a chronic football fan, you probably already got your tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
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But if you're more of a casual observer than an avid follower of the beautiful game—or if you just want to pick the best teams for your FIFA World Cup Betting adventure—then this piece is for you. We've ranked 4 of the best managers in order of how likely they are to win the tournament.

Didier Deschamps
Didier Deschamps is the manager of France, and he’s here to remind you that everything he does is gold. He’s also here to remind you that if you don't want your team to win, he will ensure they do.

Deschamps was the captain of France's 1998 World Cup winning team and a key figure in their 2018 triumph as well, making him only one of four managers who have won both titles as a player and coach. In addition, he was named FIFA World Coach of the Year in 1998 and Ligue 1 Manager of the Year in 2004.

Gareth Southgate
Southgate is a calm and thoughtful manager. He has a good relationship with his players, who seem to genuinely like playing for him (a stark contrast from the World Cup under Roy Hodgson in 2014, when England's players seemed to dread training).

He also has a good relationship with the media and fans, who are impressed by his ability to project a calm demeanor despite being under intense pressure as England's manager since 2016 (he was hired after Sam Allardyce was fired for corruption).

Southgate is also known for being tactically astute; this manifests itself most clearly in how England changed their formation from 4-2-3-1 to 3-5-2 during the 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign—which saw them reach their first semi-final since 1990

Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez is the manager of Belgium, which translates to why he's one of the best managers in world soccer right now. He's been leading Belgium since 2016 and has done well enough to get them to the quarterfinals of last year's World Cup.

That wasn't his first time in an international competition. Before taking over as coach for his home country, Roberto was in charge at Everton in England—and he led them to their first FA Cup semi-final appearance since 2009. So Roberto Martinez might be your guy if you're looking for a manager with experience managing outside their home league but still knows how to win within it.

Fernando Santos
Portugal's Fernando Santos is the manager of Portugal, where he played before becoming a coach. He has managed several teams, including Greece, Sporting CP and Portugal. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Santos had a long career as a player before taking up coaching. He won UEFA Euro 2016 with Portugal and then guided them to a UEFA Nations League win in 2018/2019.

We have looked at some of the best managers at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. We can see that although they all have different styles, they all have one thing in common: they are successful.