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News: A Quick Guide

To The Home Run Derby

15.08.2022 - Over many years the MLB have licensed and been accredited for a wide array of mobile games which have been released on Android and iOS and more. There has been Franchise manager, RBI Baseball series, and more.
Now, in recent years we have also seen the Home Run Derby.

This type of online gaming offer has brought even more excitement and fun to baseball fans on top of World Series odds already. However, if you are a baseball fan, and this is all a bit new to you then you may need the assistance of a quick guide to help you understand the Home Run Derby in full.

So, what is there to know?

We are here to help you out understanding the basics of the Home Run Derby.

The Basics You Need To Know
In 2022 the T-Mobile Home Run Derby is host to a chock-a-block lineup, which will be hosted in a truly iconic venue. The venue this year had its last turn as being the innkeeper to All-Stars in pre-Derby! All the way back in 1980 in fact!

But the Derby event we see is a massive showcase in its own right. This year, it is looking even better. With an exquisite lineup to get any baseball fan itching with excitement.

You will see the defending champ of the Mets, Pete Alonso, as well as Juan Soto, Julio Rodriguez, Corey Seager, Kyle Schwarber, Ronald Acuna Jr, and Albert Pujols.

As you may know, the Derby’s format was altered back in 2015, and since then, each of these sluggers will be on the clock, which creates the enticing possibility of buzzer beaters, and frantic runs and feats of strength in the game.

This may be the third Derby to feature tie breaking swing-offs for a result.

So, what is there to know about the Derby, and what can you expect this year? Most importantly, how do you get the most out of your experience?

Storyline Key Pointers
Okay, so, what are the key storylines we need to remember here?

Let's start with Alonso. His excitement when it comes to the Home Run Derby is something of an infectious excitement. He is also looking to join up with Ken Griffey Jr, as one of the few 3-time winners of this event.

However, if the Polar Bear ends up dominating at the Stadium, he will definitely be the first player to ever win it 3 years in a row!

Griffey Jr. also won his 3rd Derby in his 7th event out of a total of 8. However, Alonso is currently playing 2 for 2, with the calmness of a god, and admirable confidence as he easily gains 131 homers, with an incredible record of the most homers in the first round, which was at 25 in 2021, and 23 in 2019!

Of course, we also have Pujols, who is the oldest participant of the Derby in its history, at 42 years old! He has 685 homers to his name (at least), and his career total of homers is the highest of any participant at the time.

Then there is Rodrigues who is only the 14th rookie, who is hoping to join with Alonso as being a rookie who will win it outright.

It is a bit strange that Acuna and Soto, who are some of the most epic young talents in the game, as well as Ramirez who is a productive veteran, are not even headliners of this year's Home Run Derby.

Let’s not forget Schwarber, who is a natural when it comes to hitting home runs, he finished second in his event in 2017, but he is more low profile than the others on this list.

Seager was also a participating rookie back in 2016, and we are certain he is hoping to produce something of a valiant return to the event this year.

The Seeds
When it comes to the determination of the seeds, this is done in the mid-part of the summer. This year it was made up by the participants totals in home runs throughout their play on July the 13th,

So, what were the matchups?

Well, we have…

Schwarber vs Pujols.
Alonso vs Acuna.
Seager vs Rodriguez.
Soto vs Ramirez.

Okay, but what is the format? Well, it works as a singular elimination bracketed system. There are 3 overall rounds and in each bracket whichever seed is higher will hit second.

Each batter will have a total of 3 minutes in each round of the first and second, and they will have 2 minutes in the final.

The clock will begin with the first pitch played, and it will finish when the timer hits the zero.

Homers count long, as a pitch will be released before the timer hits the zero. You should remember that once a second player in any given round exceeds the total home runs of their opponent the round will cease. There is no actual need for a player to go above this.

After this the winner of the first match-up (Pujols, Schwarber) will meet the winner of the second match-up (Soto Ramirez). The winner of the 3rd will meet the 4th, and then the two players left after all this head off in the final!