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News: Soccer Game of the Year 2011

Powerplay Manager

20.02.2012 - This is soccer (or association football) edition of best games of the year 2011 contest. It is no surpise that one of the partner games and recommended games by our portal, is a winner again! This game is on top of our ranking for a long time already. Congratulations!!!
Considering the competition in this category, which consists of 42 games, the winning game got the win by bigmargin. They won by both the rating and the popularity aspects, but it was a tight race in both aspects. Powerplay Manager Soccer is a legend at our portal, historically the most successfull soccer game, therefore this award for the creators sounds logical.

Once again it was much more closer race for second place. Free Kick, another recommended game, got the runner-up position, and the third place is awarded to Online Soccer Manager. This game is a huge surprise but thanks to the name the creators were able to steal from all others is a jackpot. Even the game is barely in the top 10 soccer games, the popularity of the game is tremendous. It is also worth to mention that it was very close race for third place with Soccer Manager just barely missed the award and Hattrick was just behing at fifth place.

So here are the best online soccer manager games of the year 2011:

1. Powerplay Manager Soccer
2. Free Kick
3. Online Soccer Manager