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News: 5 Fastest Horses

In Belmont Stakes' History

12.05.2022 - Horse racing has always been a huge part of many cultures. The gentle giants enjoy competing against others with the guidance of skilled jockeys, and have already demonstrated their ability to break records.
The Belmont Stakes has always been one of the most tense events in the horse racing calendar. This is because it is the final leg of the Triple Crown, and champions have always put up a fight to win the title and set new fastest times.

These are five of the fastest horses that have raced in the Belmont Stakes. Check out the latest 2022 contenders for the belmont stakes to see if any of the records below are likely to be challenged in coming events.

Secretariat – 2:24.00
Firstly, Secretariat is widely considered the most famous race horse out there. He went on to secure his dynasty by siring many generations of thoroughbreds. This iconic horse, that was nicknamed ‘big red’ for his reddish brown coat, made headlines during the 1973 Belmont Stakes.

Secretariat completed the Belmont Stakes in record time, and it has still not been beaten to this day. Big red truly was one of a kind, as he made every event appear effortless. This record setting racer sped through each track, and complete the Belmont Stakes as a Triple Crown winner in 1973.

Not only was Secretariat the Triple Crown winner the year that he set the Belmont Stakes record as the fastest horse, but he also set records for the longest distance between him and his closest competitors on the track. Secretariat won each event of the 1973 Triple Crown while setting new times for each.

Easy Goer – 2:26.00
The next horse to have the closest time to Secretariat is Easy Goer. Having had a career-long rivalry with thoroughbred sire Sunday Silence, this chestnut champion finally finished on top.

The 1989 Belmont Stakes were momentous for Easy Goer and jockey Pat Day, where the team emerged victorious and left Sunday Silence in the dust. The race was incredibly tense until the final stretch when the duo showed their true colors against their rival.

It is the record time of 2:26.00 which is two seconds behind Secretariat that earned Easy Goer a place in the 1997 Hall Of Fame. Not to mention his career total winnings of more than $4 million.

A.P. Indy – 2:26.13
1992 was a huge year for A.P. Indy, who threatened to take Easy Goer’s record. This thoroughbred was destined to set records and achieve great things, as he was part of the only three-generational winning family in the history of the Belmont Stakes.

A.P. Indy certainly lived up to expectations in 1992, when he finished the Belmont Stakes three-quarters of a length ahead of his closest competitor. Third place on the record board was secured by this champion, who finished the track in Belmont Park in 2:26.13.

Not only were the events at Belmont Park in this racer’s blood, but his Japanese owner named the thoroughbred after a motor racing circuit. It truly was written in the stars for A.P. Indy at the 1992 Belmont Stakes.

Risen Star – 2:26.40
In spite of losing at the Kentucky Derby that year, Risen Star set the fourth-fastest time at the Belmont Stakes in 1988. The son of Secretariat had this race in his blood, and he did not disappoint spectators at Belmont Park.

Just like his father, Risen Star made the Belmont Stakes look easy. He finished in a respectable 2:26.40, and definitely demonstrated an enormous power, stamina, and control that Secretariat passed on.

Point Given – 2:26.56
Finally, Point Given set the record straight at the start of the millennium. He was 2001 Horse Of The Year, and treated the Triple Crown events leading up to the Belmont Stakes as warm-ups.

Point Given was a large chestnut racer who secured his place as the fifth-fastest Belmont Stakes winner in 2001. He truly left his competitors in the dust, finishing with a 12-and-a-quarter length victory.

Point Given stood out from the other racers because of his muscular build and broad frame. Not only that, but this racer stood apart from other thoroughbreds on the track. This could be seen by Point Given taking no notice of Monarchos who had previously defeated the colt at the Belmont Stakes, and sticking to a wide course on the track.

Eventually, the thoroughbred’s approach paid off when he won the 2001 Belmont Stakes.

Every year, some of the fastest thoroughbreds head to Belmont Park in an attempt to gain the title as Triple Crown winner. Those who have failed to defeat their opponents in the previous Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes still have the opportunity to set new records.

This involves challenging the current fastest times, and attempting to gain their place in the Belmont Stakes records. For those who want to find out more about the latest predictions and how each of the fastest horse had a unique success story, it is worth planning a trip to Belmont Park.

There is a great deal of information about current record holders that is worth taking a look at. Make sure you are betting on the most likely winner in the coming Belmont Stakes by placing accurate bets in the future. More detail on this can be found using the link above.