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News: Basketball Game of the Year 2011

Buzzer Beater

12.02.2012 - This time we announce the best bastketball games. As a fourth most popular sport at our portal we have 11 basketball games in our database. And the best of them? Here is the top 3 :) Congratulations to the Winner!!!
In this category, the winning game is the best all round basketball game. They had the best rating after taking the number of the votes to our counts, and also it is the most popular basketball game here.

So congratulations to the Buzzer Beater creators and managers. So thanks to great rating the second place is awarded to Cyber Dunk and the third is for 5Manager thanks to great popularity.

So here are the best online basketball manager games of the year 2011:

1. Buzzer Beater
2. Cyber Dunk
3. 5Manager