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02.02.2022 - Football manager games have become an enormous success in the last 20 years. Millions of players worldwide enjoy managing teams and players as much as watching games on TV.
After all, what’s better than unwinding after a hard day at your work by becoming the boss of your own football team! Today we are bringing you the top 5 football manager games of all time.

Football Manager 2022
When it comes to sports management simulators, the Football Manager is the first to come to mind. The game has set standards for the whole simulation game industry. It's one of the rare games that gets you acquainted with the specifics of positions, tactics, and the structure of clubs through new details that developers and volunteers insert from year to year.

From buying players to motivating teams at halftime, the Football Manager has it all, and the recognition from the fans is the best proof. Last year's edition broke all sales records, bringing the franchise to over 33 million copies sold.

Top Eleven
Launched in 2010 by Nordeus, the Top Eleven football manager is one of the industry’s veterans. The game is primarily adapted for gaming on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, and is available for play through Facebook. Improving team and player performance through training and making real-time changes are some of the skills players learn by playing the game.

The development team is thinking about every single detail, and in the last edition of the game even the weather conditions are affecting team performance, just like in real life. Over the last 11 years, the game has gained a cult-like following around the world and at the moment has over 220 million downloads.

PES Club Manager
Unfortunately, this game’s servers were closed down at the end of 2021, but we just had to include it because of the happy memories we had playing it. Konami made this lesser-known brother of the PES series to suit mobile players. One of the coolest aspects of PES Club Manager is that you could build your team from the ground up.

You could choose players from anywhere in the world, and you can also choose how those players will play against others. With a well-known and respected brand name, it is no wonder the game had over 40 million active players during its heyday.

Football, Tactics & Glory
Football, Tactics & Glory was released in 2016 by the Ukrainian game developer Creoteam. With a different approach to the simulation game, it is not for everyone. Nevertheless, you should try it out, because it’s very unique.

The developer calls it a cross between Football Manager and XCOM. Basically, the outcome of every game is based on players moves - each player can do three actions before the opponent does the same, and the game goes on until time runs out. This game is available on PC, Xbox One/Series, PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch.

Soccer Manager
Soccer Manager, developed by Soccer Manager Ltd. in 2016, is one of the industry's rising stars. Players can have over 800 clubs to pick from every corner of the globe. As the manager, you will control every aspect related to your club: finances, match tactics, infrastructure and much more. One of the best things is that players can watch match simulations in 3D. It’s available not only on PC, but also Android and iPhone.

Football manager games are a great way to test your football, strategic and financial skills all while having some great time away from everyday obligations. And the football knowledge acquired can even help you when betting on real football games at a casino with sportsbook.