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News: How to bet on boxing

with a sportsbook

25.11.2021 - The liberalization of the US sports betting market has meant that many states have set up sports betting industries, giving sports fans the chance to wager on their favorite sports.
Boxing may not be as high profile as the NFL or the MLB, but the biggest fights, many of which take place in the US, have the ability to grab the attention of the entire sporting world. The sport of boxing also offers a compelling and exciting spectacle, and the chance to follow the careers of fighters over many years. Many boxing fans like to wager on the fights they watch, but using a sportsbook may be confusing for first-timers. Hopefully this guide will dispel some of the mystery.

Finding your markets
Once you’ve created an account with a sportsbook that is licensed to operate in your state, you can navigate to the boxing section of the site, usually by clicking on the relevant link on the left hand side of the page. This will open the boxing options and you can scroll through the upcoming fights. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the various market types before you make your first bet.

Pick your focus
Some of the biggest fights will be represented by as many as 150 different markets. The most popular markets are the Fight Winner and Method of Victory markets, which will attract the most action. However, as you will see, there are many more options, including a vast and often inventive range of prop bets.

There is no harm in looking at the range of markets available, but when it comes to your wagering, it is always best to focus on just a few markets rather than spreading your resources too thinly. Many boxing bettors start by making a prediction on how they think the fight will go, then, with that in mind, looking through the various markets to find relevant betting opportunities.

Some bettors are even more specialized, focusing purely on the Fight Winner or Round markets, as they feel this enables them to gain more of an edge over the bookie and their fellow bettors.

Consider in-play
Betting while a fight is live is not for everyone, and you shouldn’t enter into it without doing your research. For the in-play bettor, boxing can be a good sport to wager on, as the regular breaks in the fight at the end of each round provide opportunities for bettors to reassess their strategy.

Even better, you will find that some sportsbooks will offer live streaming of fights, as well as updated stats, both of which can help to sharpen your live betting.

Look out for bonus offers
You may find that your sportsbook gives certain promotions or offers associated with boxing. In particular, there may be deposit bonuses or bet insurance associated with the big fights. Not all bonus offers will be suitable, and it is always important to study the associated terms and conditions carefully, but these boxing-related offers are always worth checking out to see if they are appealing.

Price, price, price
If there is one thing that separates the casual bettor from the professional, it is an awareness of the importance of price. Finding winning bets is not the key. After all, with only two contenders in a fight, picking at random will still provide plenty of winners! Focus instead on price. You may think that Boxer A is the favorite, but at what odds are you prepared to back him? Thinking like this may seem strange at first, but it is the single most important step that can improve your wagers.

The golden rule
There is a golden rule that applies to all sports wagering that should be heeded by all bettors. Although it is not specific to boxing, it remains crucial. The message is: only bet with money you can afford to lose. This isn’t just about avoiding the dangers of problem gambling. Even if you are not at risk of developing this psychological condition, wagering with money you cannot afford to lose can wreck your plans, affect your relationships and destroy your self-confidence.

Whether you are wagering on boxing for fun or because you feel you have an edge, make sure that you only use money you have set aside for the purpose and keep a tight control on your wagering. That way you will maximize your enjoyment while minimizing the downside.