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19.10.2021 - This year’s NFL season has been intense, and next year’s results are bound to be even tighter. With rigorous training and discipline from each team, it’s all to play for. However, there are so many variables that affect how well a team plays. These include whether they are playing home or away games because it can make players feel more comfortable and confident on their home turf where they have been training.
Other variables include players. A team is only as strong as each individual player, which is why careful coaching and training need to be done during the off-season to establish consistent, motivated players. Another variable affecting a team’s track record and position in the NFL leaderboard is an injury to players and the pace of recovery, coaching, tactics, and terrain. For more information and detailed predictions, check out the Super Bowl 2022 odds. For now, these are our teams to watch in the coming season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Having already won two Super Bowl titles, the Buccaneers are currently reigning champions of the leaderboard and are set to finish on top at the end of this season. The odds are looking promising for the Tampa Bay team, and are certainly going to be the ones to beat in 2022. Although they have been known historically as the lowest winning team, the Buccaneers are pulling through this season with impressive stats so far. They’re on track to change the record and reclaim their position on top of the podium.

Tennessee Titans
The Nashville-based team has been known to perform better under the eye of a large crowd. Although they haven’t historically been on top, the Titans are another team who are pulling through this season and working hard to change the record. With a predicted finish at the end of this year of 10-7, make sure to watch out for the determined team.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Within the south division, the Jacksonville Jaguars don’t have the best record but seem to be determined to qualify for the Super Bowl. Trevor Lawrence and Urban Meyer are players to thank for this because they are really putting up a fight. Although this season hasn’t been the greatest for the Jaguars, the introduction of new players and rigorous training over December could bring them back fighting. The addition of solid players is exactly what this team needs to prove themselves capable of the Super Bowl.

Detroit Lions
From the offensive line to the lack of Super Bowl appearances, the Lions need to pull it out of the bag and up their game if next year’s season is the one where they make it to the Super Bowl. An inconsistent season this year has given them a rocky position, but the benefit of inconsistency is that they could equally improve as much as decline. From early financial struggles to management, the Lions have truly seen some hard times. With discipline and a little investment over the training period, the Lions could be the wildcard team in 2022. There are definitely some solid players in there, and they are on their way to victory sooner or later.

Buffalo Bills
Following the Chiefs dominating them last season, the Bills have come back fighting and have dominated their last three opponents. However, they are still learning and improving. Although predictions for this year aren’t top of the leaderboard, next season could see some solid gains for the team. Some early signs of progress are thanks to the addition of Levi Wallace. If their training and practice continue, along with off-season gains, 2022 could see victories for the Bills. One of the main reasons for their slow progress includes that they have never had worthy opponents, and hopefully they will find competition to train and stay motivated for the future.

As you can see, it really is all to play for in 2022 and the role of training and player changes can make the world of difference. More and more players are being drafted from colleges and impressionable characters are being built who have more discipline, awareness, and motivation than ever before. Coaching is essential because a great team needs guidance, the role of good coaching is not one to be underestimated and can play such a large role in a team’s leaderboard position.