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News: Three reasons why football is the preferred sport

for people using a mobile betting app

02.09.2021 - Nowadays, people who are interested in sports betting have the chance to try unorthodox options, such as eSports and virtual sports. Although these things have their share of loyal fans, football continues to be the driving force behind most online bookmakers. This sport attracts millions of bettors, especially in Europe and Africa.

Unlike other sports, people who bet on football often choose their local leagues and tournaments instead of punting on the most popular options. This explains why some gambling platforms do everything they can to include as many options as possible. In addition to people who use their desktop platforms, mobile bettors also like to bet on football. Here are several reasons why Android and iOS clients pick this as their preferred betting option.

Most mobile apps allow punters to take advantage of everything that football has to offer on the desktop site
The fact that most bookmakers rely heavily on football to accumulate new clients means that they want to make sure users can bet on this sport no matter which device they’re using. That’s why gamblers who learn that the BWIN app is available from this source (for Android or iOS) decide to visit Silentbet to read how to get it on their devices. The step-by-step guide will allow them to bet on numerous football events even while being on the go.

Almost every gambling platform with an application allows users to access every market and feature that is available on the desktop website for football. So, unlike betting on other sports, people who choose this option don’t have to worry about accessing the things they like.

The betting apps free people from having to use a computer until the football match is over
While it is true that some football events are a joy to watch, they might take more than two hours. Sadly, most people don’t have the luxury of staying in front of the computer for so long just to bet on their favorite sport. Hence, platforms like Silentbet give access to the BWIN mobile app for Android and iOS, which gives punters the opportunity to be on the go and bet on their preferred sport.

All you need to take advantage of the mobile apps is a stable internet connection. Betting on live events usually uses more mobile data, which is why some gambling platforms recommend their clients to punt over a Wi-Fi network. Of course, this isn’t as easy as it seems because, which is why most clients have to use their 4G or 5G connection.

Exclusive football betting mobile features
Betting on football has many fans, which forced some of the leading online bookmakers to create special features. They allow people to have more control over their bets by choosing when to settle them. Some features allow clients to watch football matches in real-time, whereas others give them the option to remove a portion of the money they’ve used to bet with. Needless to say, some of the things mentioned above are only available to Android and iOS users with a mobile app.