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01.01.2021 - There are so many online browser based soccer management games on the internet. Users do not want to play the worst one of course but there are many other attributes which do not fit every manager's preferences.
Unfortunately this is not as simple as selecting the best bookies to bet on soccer matches. Every variable in the betting world can be represented with an accurate number which makes it easy to compare. Look for the best offer for a particular result and match. You can simply visit the Smartbettingguide to find the right bookie for you.

But back to the topic. How to select the best soccer game?

Online Sport Managers Game Rating
Our site has the list of almost all online sport management games on the internet including soccer games. We also provide user ratings for each game which is a good indicator of the game quality.
We must admit that the best rated game might not be the best game overall. The rating depends on user votes but nobody guarantees that they vote fairly. Managers from one game might vote more often thanks to campaigns by the game creators. On the other hand it proves that those games have strong communities which is also part of the game quality. Therefore you cannot make a mistake if you use our ratings as a benchmark.

Detailed Gameplay
This is a very important characteristic of the game. Some managers prefer very detailed games with many attributes of the players and levels of their quality represented in high detail - for example value in range 1-100 plus potentially accurate information about their training progress, for example Hockeyarena. For others this might be too much information to handle and they prefer less details with just a few quality levels to represent player skills, for example The same counts to the detail of match simulation and match output.

This is also very important. Some managers like games where they can talk to others, find friends and in some cases meet in real life. And some games really support strong communities, while others do not focus on this at all.

Comparison to the Reality
Another important thing here is how the game reminds the reality. There are some games where managers do not manage humans but creatures playing the team sport. Yes that is weird. Most of the games at least attempt to be realistic with some of them being very realistic while others not so much. That includes competition systems like leagues, domestic cups, continental cups or world cup.

So you should pay attention to these aspects before you decide to focus on the game because obviously you cannot be too active in too many games.