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News: Looking for Accumulator Insurance

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21.12.2020 - Imagine that you manage a team and have an important match on schedule where win means everything and lose means nothing. you prepared for a long time for this one game and now everything, all the hard work is wasted.
You would need something like Acca Insurance known in betting to prevent losing everything. If you bet on more football matches on the same ticket with accumulated offers and all of your selections were right until the last result turns you down it really hurts. Traditionally bettors insured their win by doing a single match bet on the same match but with opposite selection with an adequate bet to win at least some part of the bet which would be lost from the original accumulated offer. Now some bookies offer this service for their customers.

But is there something similar in online sport management games? Well let's be honest. Real sport is not like betting. You cannot lose everything with one lost match.
If the team is doing well in season long league competition one loss at the end of the season does not ruin the club. Second place is not as good as first but prize money is still reasonable.
If a tennis player is doing well in the tournament he gets better and better prize money for each match won.

Not so fast! We talk here about professional sport. The Olympics are different. The competitor prepares for that one time a life event. Do lots of sacrifices. Train hard, feel the pain. And then the day D comes and all the effort is wasted with a bad result. Well honestly there is no acca insurance for such cases. Of course being able to participate at the Olympics is a pretty good achievement itself but it depends on the ambitions whether the competitor considers that to be sufficient.

Online sport management games are built to require long time effort to become highly competitive and then give enough opportunities to achieve major success. Creators of the games want managers to return to the game and continue with the team, player or driver. Improve more and try again. If you lose once you will get another opportunity.

So the acca insurance is not relevant for such games.

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