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The Go-To Mobile MMA Management Game?

14.11.2020 - Throughout the past decade, mixed martial arts has gained a global following. With champions from all over the world, it’s hardly surprising that MMA is now one of the fastest-growing sports, with organizations such as Bellator, One Championship, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship spearheading its rise. Following its recent real-world success, the all-action blend of various fighting styles has crossed over into the gaming world. Along with console productions like UFC 4, mobile management titles, such as MMA Manager, have also hit the market. So, let's take a look at the Prey Studios development.

The Title’s Core Components

Released in December 2019, the title has thus far proved to be a hit. According to its product page at the Google Play store, it has been downloaded over one million times. The premise of MMA Manager enables players to experience the world of high-level cage fighting from a fresh perspective. Instead of being a fighter and battling your way to a championship belt, the Android-friendly creation instead places users in control of their own gym. The combat-management game sees players take control of a training center, allowing them to develop their fighters in their pursuit of glory.

Moreover, players also have the ability to customize their fighters to have them replicate real-world competitors. For example, one of the game’s graphics is an animated depiction of the former featherweight and lightweight champion, Conor McGregor. If players wish, they can attempt to mirror their in-game fighters on whoever they desire, including heavyweight competitors, such as Derrick Lewis, who is currently priced at 12/5 to beat Curtis Blaydes in MMA betting on November 28th in their main-event contest, as of November 9th.

A Realistic Digital Adaptation?

Through being able to run your own team of competitors, few can argue that MMA Manager doesn’t give much-needed depth to combat titles. The game itself is also realistic regarding progress. As is the case with any new real-world gym, it’s unlikely that the best equipment will be present from day one. The Prey Studios' development reflects this. Upon making progress, upgradable features become unlockable, which allows players to generate further in-game profits and fighter development.   

Source: Pikrepo

From a fighting standpoint, the title also doesn’t shy away from the all-action excitement that captivates MMA fans. Users have the choice of either competing in tournaments or playing against their friends in cross-manager gym battles. Crucially, this competition-oriented style is reminiscent of real-world MMA. The finest example of this perhaps revolves around Team Alpha Male’s ongoing feud with T.J. Dillashaw. In July 2014, Dillashaw effectively left Urijah Faber’s gym to work with Duane Ludwig, which wasn’t well-received by those at Team Alpha Male, including Cody Garbrandt. This feud would culminate in them twice meeting in the cage, with the 34-year-old winning on both occasions. 

Something Different for MMA Fans

While console games primarily focus on in-cage action, MMA Manager takes a different approach to the sport’s gaming outlook. For a mobile management production, the title does accurately reflect real-world gyms, making it a title worthy of players’ time. Furthermore, in being able to create your favorite competitors, there’s a sense of much-needed real-world immersion.