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News: Covid-19 Helped Online Sport Games

But now real sport is back

15.08.2020 - As we all know all sport events since late march or april have been cancelled or at least postponed. This 4 months can be easily called the golden era of online games. People closed in quarantine had the only chance to get socialized on the internet and they loved to combine that with playing their favorite sports.
But after so long wait real sport is here again.
UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 is played right now with modified playoff system. Snooker World Championships are also underway. NBA, MLB and NHL also continues. Formula 1 have already 5 races done and Formula E similarly. All without attendance but at least we can watch on TV. Also cycling races are back with first monument of the season Milan - San Remo already behind us. Soon famous Giro d`Italia and Tour de France will be started.

And while fans might be robbed by the coronavirus from being able to see matches live in attendance betting on these matches comes as a good compensation. And not just like that! They can use one of the betting promo codes to get great bonuses to  start a great excitement. Also online sport management games got boost during this time.
Now for many sport fans betting is not an option. They either do not want to lose money or they do not like to gamble. So what more can we expect in soon future in the world of sports?
NFL season will start in less than a month and while it is also expected that games will be played with no audience or just a very limited audience fans can watch all the games on TV or streaming services. It will be a season where everybody is looking forward to see the battle of 2 MVP quarterbacks - league MVL Lamar Jackson and superbowl MVP Patrick Mahomes who became best paid athlete in the world during the offseason with 10 years megadeal worth of almost half a billion dollars. But there is lot os other exciting stories to be followed during the season.
While UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 is under way and finals will be played in few days, qualification for next season is about to start too. Lionel Messi`s FC Barcelona just got kicked to the ass by Bayern Munchen with a worst loss ever. Score 8:2 is real reason for revenge. ANd there is lots of other teams who would like to regain the confidence and improve their result from this season. Juventus, Real Madrid, Liverpool are just few names who got upset this season. And obviously teams like PSG, Red Bull Liepzig, or Bayern would like to at least repeat their road to semifinals. There is lot to look for.