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News: The Greatest Teams

in the NFL History

12.08.2020 - Even though we are not aware when the new NFL season will kickstart, we can take this opportunity to appreciate some of the greatest teams that have been a grace to the game. This is actually a good time to stir up the debate on who stands out to be the best.
On that note, we are going to open the floor for you and then you will pick your own struggle. Well, there are a lot of good teams that we have noticed in the history of the NFL. Without further ado, we are going to share with you some of them that were even featured on online casinos slots.

1962 Packers
This team propelled tongue wagging and what a team it was! The preseason foretold what would come during that time. The Pack ran riot during this period. They got through the six-game exhibition schedule without a defeat. Thereafter, they get going for real as they went all out and won their first four regular games. The Packers managed to add six more wins before they lost their 11th game.

1991 Redskins - I mean Washington Football Team
If you look at the stats and the betting odds of this team during their time, you could tell how good they were. Their displays on the pitch made them to become one of the greatest teams in the 1991 NFL season. It was all about the good players they had. The likes of Gary Clark average almost 20 yards per catch, at the same time gaining 1,340 yards on 70 interceptions.

This is one of the teams you would place your real money bets or play online slots and assure yourself that you will win real money once the match is over. Their displays were top-class and they wouldn’t take anything for granted once they started passing the ball going forward. Their defense was well organized and they would make it difficult for the opponent to find a breakthrough whatsoever.