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News: Bucks, Lakers Ruled Latest Basketball Power Rankings

2019-20 NBA Playoffs

25.06.2020 - The race for the 2020 NBA Championship is on as this most awaited basketball tournament returns on July 31. The NBA is one of the sporting events in the U.S. that suffered a setback because of the Coronavirus outbreak. However, as this event comes back this summer, it's time for NBA troops and bettors to rejoice and get on their feet.

Meanwhile, as we all wait for the playoffs to settle, it's time to know first how these NBA teams are doing. Other bettors may have already got their bets ready to wager in the upcoming NBA season, and some are still creating their winning cards.

As such, let's take a look at the current 2020 NBA expert picks power rankings. We'll name the top eight NBA teams who might shine best this season.

Milwaukee Bucks
Earning the top spot for the current NBA power rankings is the Milwaukee Bucks. As of today, this team had tallied a total of 53 wins and 12 losses. They have maintained their rankings since the start of the season last January.

Milwaukee Bucks will represent the Central Division in the Eastern Conference for the upcoming NBA playoffs. This team has recorded one NBA, two conferences, and fourteen divisional championship titles, respectively.

Los Angeles Lakers
With a current season record of 49 wins and 14 losses, the Los Angeles Lakers are in the second rank for this year's NBA power rankings. In the last ten games, before the NBA got suspended, they have won 9 games in total.

Since then, the LA Lakers have shown stronger defense skills, allowing them to clinch 16 NBA titles, including 31 conference and divisional finishes. Also, the Lakers are playing for the Pacific Division in the Western Conference.

Toronto Raptors
Still maintaining the third rank in the NBA rankings are the Toronto Raptors. This team has faced a lot of adversity this season yet shown steadfast defensive and offensive skills. With this, they were able to tally a current record of 46 wins and 18 losses.

The Toronto Raptors are playing for the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference. This team has recorded 1 NBA championship, one conference, and six divisional titles throughout their NBA franchise history.

LA Clippers
The LA Clippers may not be the town talk, but they are heading to take the top four spots in the current NBA power rankings. They are also one of the teams who struggled a lot to ascend on top. As of today, the Clippers recorded a total of 44 wins and 20 losses.

Moreover, this team will represent the Pacific Division in the Western Conference. Although they only recorded two divisional titles in their whole NBA career, they are climbing up this season and might be eligible for the title.

Boston Celtics
With a season record of 43 wins and 21 losses, the Boston Celtics are taking the fifth spot for the 2020 NBA rankings. In the last season, Celtics were seen as struggling at the start of the game but can hustle and bounce back at the nearing end.

This team is playing for the Atlantic Division in the Eastern Conference. Throughout their career, they recorded 17 NBA titles, 21 conferences, and 22 divisional titles.

Denver Nuggets
Clinching the 3rd spot for the current NBA western conference is the Denver Nuggets. They are in close competition with the Clippers and Jazz for the seeding process. The Nuggets currently are in 43 wins and 22 losses.

The Denver Nuggets will play for the Northwest Division in the Western Conference who has recorded 11 divisional titles only.

Houston Rockets
Houston Rockets took the 7th spot in the current ranking. They tally a total of 40 wins and 24 losses. They have also struggled a lot this season but can win in a do or die game, which other teams need to watch out for.

This team will play for the Southwest Division in Western Conference with an NBA career record of 2 NBA wins, four conference, and seven divisional titles.

Miami Heat
The eighth and final spot for the 2020 NBA power rankings is for Miami Heat. They currently hold a record of 41 wins and 23 losses. Although this team has created bad losses this season, they are still one of the best NBA groups and can hustle harder when playoffs take place.

Moreover, the Miami Heat will represent the Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference. Since the day this team was founded, they were able to record 3 NBA finishes, five conferences, and 13 divisional titles.

The top eight NBA latest power rankings above will surely get you excited to see how the NBA season will run in July. So, if you are planning to gamble in this sporting tournament, don't forget to wager the teams above so you can work for easy money, sites like offer players access to offers, promotions and free bets from top Operators in US, making your money go further.