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News: 7 Tips from Golf Players

on How to Get that Successful Shot

21.05.2020 - The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step you take; to get that successful shot, you need to improve your approach shot by consistently hitting the ball with your driver. Successful golf players advise that it is essential to take golf lessons to understand golf’s basics and techniques.
One of the ways you can improve your golf skills is by having the right equipment and taking tips and advice from experienced golf players. Here are six tips from golf players on how to get that successful shot:

7 Tips For Getting a Successful Golf Shot

1. Maintain the Right Stance Before Striking the Ball
To get your winning shots in golf sport, you need to get your golf lessons right. One of the things you need to improve is your posture before striking the ball. It’s important to have the correct posture before you hit the ball.

Keep your knees bent from your hips, your weight should be on your feet, bend over and you should feel your pelvic tilt. Slightly bend your knees when the club touches the ground near the ball as you have to keep your balance as you try to swing your club to hit the ball.

2. Improve Your Follow-Through
If your follow-through position is inconsistent and is out of balance it means that you're not doing it properly. Here are the ways to see if you have a consistent and balanced follow-through:

The speed and momentum of your club pulled you up to a balanced finish.
If your chest towards the left of your target and your belt buckle is facing the target.

Your left foot is planted in the same spot where you first started and your weight should be on it.

Your right foot is tiptoed and touching the ground and you shouldn't feel your weight on the ball of your foot.

You are able to hold the position until the ball lands.

3. Work on Your Grip
Most of the time people think balance is the only key for a successful shot but the grip is also essential to get that winning shot. You should know the golf grip basics and the three common types of grips which are interlocking, baseball, and the Vardon also known as the overlapping grip. One of the important aspects of choosing golf gloves is size. There are four essential sizes which are standard, oversize, undersize, and midsize. Choosing the right size can lead to good results. The other one is the material used, you should get something made from a material that is long-lasting so you won’t spend more.

Some prefer gloves with firm grips and some prefer something comfortable. The firmness and the texture of the golf gloves will determine if it's safe to use and the number of efforts you have to do to get that shot. If you feel uncomfortable with your gloves, you won’t have a proper grip and you won’t be able to swing your club well. Having the right golf gloves is important to achieve your goals and Cherrywood Golf Club offers the best gloves that can help you improve your grip.

4. Practice Proper Swing Body Rotation
Golf is a sport that has a lot to do with your body movements. To get a successful shot, you have to perfect your swing body rotation. If you can’t properly rotate your body your balance will be unstable and your shots won’t be consistent. To accurately swing your club, your body should move with your arms and make sure your upper body isn’t too rigid.

5. Practice Your Shots
The difference between a pitch shot and a chip shot is if you want a longer trajectory you should do pitch shot because it flies farther than a chip shot. While a chip shot can travel longer distances by rolling. For consistency, practice these kinds of shots.

You can use a pitching wedge if there aren't any obstacles in front of you and if there’s any, use a gap wedge instead. If the obstacles are bigger and you’re closer to the holes, use a lob or sand wedge.

6. Avoid Any Distractions
It’s best to keep your eyes on the back of the ball as you swing. You will be looking at the part where you try to swing your club and you will see your shots directly go to your target. There can be distractions and it will be difficult to stay focused. If you lose focus, you might not be able to look at the back of your ball throughout your swing.

7. Get Rid Of The Jitters
Playing golf can be extremely stressful especially if you think too much about perfecting your shots. You get tense and your stance can be so rigid that you won’t be able to position yourself and swing your club properly.

The best thing to do to overcome this is to start controlling how you breathe. By doing this your body will feel relaxed by slowing your heart rate and relaxing your muscles. This will also help you avoid any distractions in your mind by focusing on the game instead.

Playing golf can be fun but it can also be stressful without the proper equipment and practice. There are no shortcuts in playing golf and you might think you will never get that perfect shot but following the tips mentioned above can help you improve your skills.