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News: The 7 Most Shocking

English Premier League Transfers

14.05.2020 - Since the format of the English top flight was altered in 1992 and its name changed to the Premier League, the division has witnessed a lot of crazy transfers.
While the constituting clubs grew financially, the hunger for power led them to want to poach players from their opponents in the bid to land the coveted league title, fight for a Champions League spot, or avoid relegation. Many of them find the best way to achieve these by stealing the best players from their opponents, thereby enhancing their teams and weakening the opponent’s lineup.

Because the unquenched hunger for success must be fed at all times, meaningful and meaningless transfer has been made, to the chagrin of the fans of the clubs. We have succeeded in gathering the 10 most bizarre transfers that the league has witnessed since then. You can actually bet on future transfers that you think might happen. Get started for free at with some great free bets and sign up offers that you can use for this.

1. David Bellion from Sunderland to Manchester United For £2 Million
Manchester United under Sir. Alex Fergusson wanted to actually win everything in the world. That was why a manager that brought in the likes of Javier Hernandez, Wayne Rooney, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Dwight Yorke, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Eric Cantona over the years would actually consider signing David Bellion from Sunderland at the cost of £2 Million. The player was on course to be relegated with Sunderland in 2003. But instead of allowing him to go down with the team in peace, Alex Fergusson surfaced from nowhere and signed him for Manchester United. This is a striker with 1 goal in 20 games. He was 20 years old and only had that one goal in his career. What Fergusson saw in him was the subject of debate until he came in, stayed in the club for three years with two abysmal loan moves and only four goals.

2. Carlos Tevez from Man U to Man City at £25.5 Million
It was like a slight in the face of his former employers when he joined their bitter city rivals. This player gave it all in the pitch and the fans would die for him for that. But Alex Fergusson never really liked him, and when the money loaded city rivals arrived with their huge paycheck, Manchester United were hugely tempted. They gave in, and the transfer marked the start of a new amazing era of successes in Man City.

3. Paul Konchesky from Fulham to Liverpool for £4 Million
When Paul made a mess of Nani in a match against Manchester United, Liverpool fans remembered why they bought him. But that was actually the only good thing he did for them. Fulham manager Roy Hodgson was signed by Liverpool and he arrived with Paul, leaving people wondering why the lad instead of a marque left back to help take Liverpool back to glory. They are not mistaken in any way, as he had to leave on loan to Championship’s Nottingham Forest soon after.

4. Andy Carroll from Newcastle to Liverpool for £35 Million
Andy Carroll is always moving, and what managers see in him that makes them buy him is yet to be seen. The most surprising of those moves was when he moved to Liverpool in a deal worth £35 million in 2011, just a year after he was available for £1 million. Why would they pay that amount for a player with just one cap for his country? He later gave them 11 goals in 19 appearances that season, but that’s not what a £35 million signing at that time should give.

5. Fernando Torres from Liverpool to Chelsea for £50 Million
The entire English premier league was shocked when Chelsea paid £50 Million to bring the tall striker to the bridge. Now, this man was having a blistering career with the reds, and Chelsea had one of the best striker forces in England, including the lethal Didier Drogba at that time. But Roman with the huge money surprised everybody, including his manager, on the deadline day when he signed the Spaniard. He turned out a great flop at the club with 1 goal in 18 appearances.

6. Juan Sebastian Veron from Manchester United to Chelsea for £15 Million
This is a classic example of a player being twice lucky even when he is very poor. The young man found his way to Manchester United in a £28.1 million move from Lazio in 2001, and was a very huge flop there. Do you know what happened? Chelsea FC appeared with £15 million, and they got him. At the bridge, he became even a bigger flop and they had to offload him to Inter Milan - another big side, huh? That’s how lucky he was.

7. Francis Jeffers from Everton to Arsenal for £8 Million
Arsenal has made a lot of bad signings in recent times, but this proves to be one of the worst. Many people named him a ‘fox in the box,’ but he was very far from that, after he moved from Everton to Arsenal for a whopping £8 Million in 2001. This man had 22 games in the gunners’ shirt in three seasons and scored just four goals. When Arsenal got tired of him, they sent him back to Everton, and many people believe that he is the reason why Arsene Wenger became afraid of signing English players.