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News: Super Bowl LIV

Heavy fought season ends tomorrow

01.02.2020 - The year of big sport events starts tomorrow at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida. NFL will finish its season after 5 months full of dramatic and well fought games.
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How we got here
There have been 256 regular season games and 10 post season games. Only 12 teams out of 32 got to the playoffs and just getting there is an ultimate achievement, but getting into the NFL final game is something what other team fans can only dream of. There have been lots of other candidates to be in this game though. Best team of the regular season Baltimore Ravens was surprisingly beaten by Tennessee Titans in their first game of the postseason. Tennessee also knocked out another huge favorite New England Patriots. But still was short in the AFC conference finals against Kansas City Chiefs. San Francisco 49ers had its own challengers in the NFC. They did beat Green Bay Packers in conference finals with ease. New Orleans Saints went short against Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota then got wiped by 49ers. Anther favorite Seattle Seahawks lost to Green Bay.

What to expect
It looks like two rally good teams got here and we can really expect a heavy weight fight. Kansas City have high powered offense led by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. San Francisco on the other side have one of the best defenses in all football. Led by quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo 49ers have pretty good offense themselves. Key factor in their attempt to win the Lombardi trophy would depend on their good running backs and wideouts backed up by best tight end in the league. Defense of Chiefs is probably the biggest weakness of both teams. But that does not mean they will go down easy. Chiefs picked up legendary outside linebacker at the end of regular season from waiver list in Terrell Suggs and it seems old guy powered up their pass rush. And there is pretty good list of opportunistic defenders on their list.

By prediction
I believe Patrick Mahomes is good enough to throw 49ers defense apart. He have good supporting cast in Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and pretty good offensive line. They will score lots of points while 49er offense will not be able to follow that pace. My prediction is that Chiefs will win 40:24.