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22.10.2019 - Are you a big fan of football? Do you keep up with the leagues? Do you want to know everything about your favorite teams and players? The sport is for everyone – whether you are an American or not.
The game has made an impact on sports, music, lifestyle and more. You can play football games on your favorite console, or even bet on games in real-time with Betway98 on anytime you want.

How would it be if you had a team of your own? Would you be able to manage your team members better? Would they have gone on to win the cup? Or, would you have been relegated? Today, you can know it all - with fantasy football. Develop and create a virtual world, or just follow the stats of their favorite players.

Wondering how it all works? Here is a quick look.

What is Fantasy Football? How Does it Work?
Fantasy Football is the perfect game for football fans. The game is basically a virtual world where you can enter as a team’s general manager. You create a team based on real football players. This team is called a roster in the game. You can then start competing with your roster against other general managers.

You don’t compete with an entire team from the NFL. The greatest thing about Fantasy Football is that you get the chance to choose players from various NFL teams to form your roster. So. don’t worry about NFL team scores. It doesn’t matter if a team wins or loses in Fantasy Football. However, the individual players’ stats that either make progress or not affect your roster. These stats change with each passing week. These stats include touchdowns, yards and catches.

You choose how you want to play- there are just so many different versions out there. For instance, you can choose the traditional option, where you have to manage your team for an entire season. Or, you can go in for the daily feature, where you can participate in contests over a single day or a week.

You’re probably asking why the game is called “Fantasy Football”. It’s because you’re playing with rosters that don’t include full NFL teams and you can combine the best NFL players into one team. It’s all imaginary, making Fantasy Football like a dreamworld inside the actual game.

Fantasy Football leagues
Just like NFL leagues, Fantasy Football consists of leagues. All the rosters’ general managers go back and forth in competing against each other for winning.

In each week of the regular NFL season, you choose some players. The starters usually include one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker and a team's defense. You also start making your strategies and team plans of offense and defense.

When the matches start, you gain points for each of the individual players’ touchdowns, yards and other stats. By the end of the week, the total number of points is calculated and the roster who got the most wins. This process continues along the NFL season.