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News: Win-Win Hockey

Betting Strategies

05.09.2019 - Hockey betting strategies are still in demand among bettors, although the sport in terms of betting volumes is about to give way to e-sports. The advantage of hockey strategies is reliability, so players still trust them. Hockey is more dynamic than football, it is more often scored goals and earn deletions, so there are even more options for analysis than in rich football murals. For success, as in any other sport, a thorough approach is needed with the study of statistics, calendar, the form of teams and leaders, monitoring news and other bookmaking routines.
What Is the Winning Betting Strategy in Hockey?
Due to the large number of matches in the smooth season, the importance of one victory in hockey is lower than in football, so bettors often prefer total and handicap markets to the main outcomes. A team from the basement of the standings can easily make the leader of the season. Due to the exhausting calendar, the top team can issue a series of 4-5 defeats. You’ll win if you choose a reputable bet master and learn more about the hockey betting strategy. So, check a win-win hockey betting strategy to make bets at ice hockey successfully.

• Total over 1.5 in the period;
• Quick washer;
• Goal to the empty net;
• First goal;
• The puck in the majority;
• Both will score.

Of course, there is a risk, but with a systematic approach, the right system will make a profit. The classic total of more than 1.5 in the period breaks in 8 out of 10 matches of the big leagues: NHL, Czech Republic Extra-League, Elitserien of Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Germany. With the right use of the strategy, running into a series of grassroots matches is extremely difficult.

The best betting strategy in hockey will be to identify the team that will score the first goal. As a rule, a hockey club that misses fewer opponents scores first. Undisciplined teams earn a ton of small fines. Why not put on the total goals in the majority? Matches without goals in unequal compositions are relatively rare.

Things to Keep in Mind When Betting on Hockey
A good bet will be a bet on an empty goal. In the end, when the team is one or two goals behind the opponent, the coach is forced to remove the goalkeeper and release the sixth field player. How to put on hockey on the system?

Emotionally resilient players hone their knowledge under live sessions. During the game, the bookmaker opens up additional markets, which attracts the attention of bettors. For pre-match bets, you will have to analyze the lineups, study the game calendar, news and a number of other factors affecting the outcome of the match. Team fatigue is a key indicator when choosing a hockey betting strategy. The likelihood that the team will win two matches in a row with a tight schedule, tends to zero. The team that will play the day after the shootout or overtime, as a rule, loses.

Varieties of Betting on Hockey Matches
To begin with, it is important to know what types of betting exist in this sport before choosing the right option. And also to figure out which of them are relevant and effective from the point of view of experienced bettors.

• Bet on the outcome. This means the victory of one of the opponents (1 or 2), or a draw outcome (X). Since the favorites are always offered low odds, it is better to bet on the outsider or on a draw. A favorite can lose points if he loses one or two strong players. Hockey is considered an unpredictable sport, which is why bets with a high coefficient are often played here.

Let's say a certain grand from the capital, which occupies a leading place in the standings, plays against another club from the same city. Thus, we are dealing with a derby. In this kind of fights, the status of the favorite does not always work out. Obviously, most bettors will choose a favorite win, although the margin for such an outcome will be low. But if you win an outsider, you can get up pretty well.

• Total Bet. Total is the number of goals scored during the meeting or for its segment. It’s not hard to guess, the performance in hockey matches far exceeds football. You can put in live mode on the total hockey match more than 6.5, if by the middle of the 1st period at least 2 goals have already been scored. It turns out that the rivals for two will have to score 7 goals. If the trend continues, it will be quite easy to break through such a total, which will bring income.

• Handicap. It is a bet adjusted for some result. For example, with a handicap of –2.5 for the favorite of the match, he must win with a difference of at least three goals scored. And no matter what the final score will be, the main thing is the difference.

Suppose that the match ended with a score of 5: 4. You bet on the losing team with a handicap of +1.5. With the score of the meetings 5: 5.5, your bet will pass, although in fact she lost.