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News: Fantasy Cricket Game


27.08.2019 - You have probably already seen a lot of computer and smartphone games that are somehow connected with sports. It should not be a surprise as there are thousands of people all over the world interesting in sports. Because most of them cannot do professional sport in real life, games have become an effective answer. There are hundreds of games that allow people to play football, basketball, race cars.
However, not everyone is aware that such a popular game as cricket has its game version too, which you may find on or other apps and sites dedicated to cricket. It is called Fantasy Cricket and, for the fans, it is a perfect way to spend their time while there are no matches to watch.

What is a Fantasy Cricket?
First of all, it is important to understand that it is a sports game in a fantasy genre as the title indicates. It means that in the Fantasy Cricket game, real cricketers that play real sport can be used as players. The users can choose a famous cricketer such as Virat Kohli, and he will become a character in fantasy cricket.
What makes this game unique is the fact that the skills of cricketers in the Fantasy game are connected with the performance of real players. To make an illustration, let’s use the example of Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. As many cricket fans know, they are considered to be the top two best batsmen right now who are very close with their scores. In the Fantasy Cricket, these scores and their professionalism will reflect on the performance of the players.
Another advantage of the Fantasy Cricket is the fact that it is an online game. Becoming a cricketer in the game and playing alone against the system can be interesting. However, in 2019 it is simply not enough. The audience wants not only the experience of becoming a professional cricketer for a certain period but also the excitement and rush. In this regard, Fantasy Cricket is a perfect solution as it gives the users both. People have the ability to play as real cricketers in the game as well as feeling excited and competitive as they will fight with other real people in the game.
In this perspective, if we had to define Fantasy Cricket, it would be an online sports game in the fantasy genre that allows players to use real players as their characters, compete with each other, and earn stats while playing.

What Is the Main Goal of the Game?
As we have already defined the Fantasy Cricket and discussed its main features, the next logical question that comes to mind: how do you play it? What is the objective of the game? Well, to answer that, you need to go back to the real cricket match. The main goal is to outscore the opponent team and become the winner. The same strategy was used in the game: the players need to receive the maximum points, beat the opponent team and become the leader on the scoreboard. This competitive nature of the game is very popular among the players as it creates the rush and motivates them to play more and more. For that reason, this game is so popular today and there are so many platforms for that.

How Do You Play the Fantasy Cricket?
It is time to review the specifics: how can a player choose a character and form a team? As we have already said, the characters are based on the real cricketers and their abilities in the game depending on their performance history in real life. However, a lot of people ask: should the team be formed in the same way as in reality? For example, should all the players of the Indian national cricket team be on the exact same spot in the Fantasy Cricket? The answer is no.
This is another advantage of the game: it gives its users a room for interpretation and imagination. To make it clearer: everybody knows that Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian national cricket team. Nevertheless, players of the online game are under no obligation to follow the life example and make him the captain. They can and probably should do this as he is an excellent player and one of the greatest batsmen in the world. However, there is no rule imposing requirements to the users. In this perspective, they can form any team they want and choose characters from different teams and countries.
In addition to this, the roles of the players can also be chosen according to the users’ wishes. To make an example: there are strict rules that need to be considered in the real cricket match. There are certain roles that cricketers do on the field. At any point in the match, there are 13 players on the field: 2 batsmen, 1 wicketkeeper, 1 bowler, and 9 fielders from both teams.
In the Fantasy Cricket, things can be different. For instance, although it is true that in the game, users have to choose 13 people for a team, 11 players and 2 substitutes if needed, there is no rule that defines the strict roles of the characters. Thus, game players can choose any number of batsmen or bowlers they want, while in the real cricket match that would be impossible. Moreover, Fantasy Cricket mainly uses the strategy of bowling and batting that are considered to be the most interesting parts of the match.

As for the matches and the championships in the game, the platform allows you to choose any kind of international tournament to play. For example, users can participate in such championships as One Day International, Twenty20 Cricket, or Test Cricket.
So, the main features and advantages of the Fantasy Cricket are as follows:
1. It is an online fantasy game.
2. Real cricketers are used as players
3. Performance of the cricketer in life influences his character in the game.
4. 13 members on the team: 11 and 2 substitutes.
5. Any number of bowlers, batsmen, and fielders is possible.
6. The main goal is to beat the opponent and get the highest score.

Where Do People Play Fantasy Cricket?
The statistic shows that although this game is international and very popular, the biggest number of users are located in India. It is not a surprise as cricket is a very popular sport there. Moreover, Fantasy Cricket is considered to be a skill game in India that only proves its importance. Although there are certainly players of the game from the United States, it is not as popular as fantasy football and other sports games.
This is not just the possibility to spend time with excitement but also the chance to win some money. One may download an app and start playing his or her favorite sports game, impress with the skills, thus, earning extra cash. Besides, there is no need to worry about legal issues. There is no violation of law while playing the Fantasy Cricket.

Where Can I Play Fantasy Cricket?
There are many platforms nowadays that offer people a chance to play Fantasy Cricket and become a professional sportsman for a while. For example, one can download an app for Fantasy Cricket on the Google Play. There is also a version for Apple gadgets that can be downloaded on the Apple Store. The most popular platform among Indian players is Dream11. Users report that it is the best and functions better than the alternative options. However, you can also play Fantasy Cricket on the following websites: BalleBaazi, Halaplay, Playerzpot, and Fantain.
Fantasy Cricket is an interesting sports game in the fantasy genre that becomes more and more popular every day. It gives people from all over the world the opportunity to become a professional cricket player for some time. Moreover, this experience will be even more interesting and exciting as there is a chance to play with other people from different countries, compete with them, and still use the imagination to do it. The fact that the rules of the Fantasy Cricket are not as strict as the real game ones, leaves the players the room for self-expression. We are sure that it will only improve in the future and please the players with even more interesting updates.