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What Does It Mean To Come Over The Top During A Swing And How To Stop Doing That?

26.06.2019 - A swing is a key motion in golf that pretty much defines whether you can hit the target or not. Depending on the distance from the ball to the aim and possible obstacles, a player may want to make his swing more impacted or powerful. Also, a swing defines the accuracy and consistency of a hit. Thus, there are many different techniques suitable for various situations.
Choosing the right motion pattern is vital for success. However, there is one thing that can ruin everything – it’s something golfers call coming over the top, and it’s exactly what we are going to talk about in this article!

What Does It Mean?
If you are relatively new to this sport, you may make this mistake without even realizing it. To help you get over confusion, let’s first define what does coming over the top actually means.

It is a common fault that most high handicap players tend to make. It takes place when a golfer uses his upper body more than the lower one while swinging down. When making this mistake, you basically stray the club outside the needed path. This most often results in a slice or pull, depending on the clubface and, namely, on whether a player keeps it open or square.

How To Avoid This Mistake?
If you are sick and tired of letting your golf swing come over the top, read our pro tips for enhancing your performance!

Before we can get to our tips, let’s start with defining the most common mistakes that actually lead to coming over the top during your swing. Here are the top things to avoid:
1. Keeping the body weight mostly on your left leg when you get to the top of a backswing
2. Keeping the face open at the top of a backswing
3. Taking your club away under the swing path or way too flat
4. Not making the swing arc broad enough

Now, these are the four most crucial mistakes to avoid.

What are useful tips to stop coming over the top? Here is what you need to keep in mind:
Hips – hips actually play a vital role in golf. Thus, the way you move them can either spoil or enhance your performance. You should avoid pulling your left hip back during a downswing. This common mistake causes improper weight distribution and moves a player’s right shoulder forward – here you get a classing formula for coming over the top.
Weight – smart weight transfer is the base of a successful swing. No wonder why most golf mistakes are caused by improper weight transfer, and coming over the top is not an exception. The main cause of this fault is the weight distributed mostly to a player’s left leg. To avoid this, get into your starting position without a club. Make sure that your hands are placed across the shoulders and then move each shoulder across to the opposite knee to feel how the right weight distribution should work.
Practice – just like any sport, golf takes consistency and practice. Thus, the only way to stop coming over the top once and forever is to practice the right motions! Here is a simple drill you can try: get to your position and take the club up so that its head would locate just below your knees. Then swing your body around in a kind of baseball-alike style. This will help you find the right ball path and get a feel of how a club should be released through a ball.