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Bigger Than Zidane

12.04.2019 - Without a doubt, Zinedine Zidane is one of the biggest names in football. Whether as a player or as a coach, the man has achieved a lot. He has won almost everything there is to win both as a player and a coach. However, Real Madrid is clearly bigger than any one individual.
Before and After the Football Maestro
Los Broncos has been winning titles even before the legendary Zidane was even born. The club is not one of the biggest and richest clubs because of the efforts of any one individual. This club has been privileged to be home to many of the world’s top footballers. Even the men that have held the responsibility of directing how the team performs on the field have all been accomplished coaches.

When Zidane was a player the club won many of the world’s top titles. This trend only continued after the football “magic-man” took charge of the club as the manager. But Madrid had always been a big team. They had won many cups and titles before Zidane was a part of the team.

Greatest Of All Time
The only time that we have is the time that has already been spent. We can no longer talk of the exploits of Pele or even Cristiano Ronaldo. Their time is long gone even though for CR7 and Zidane the memories are still very fresh. However, online gambling sports fans still love them despite the move.

The past is as good as spilt milk, no matter how good or creamy it is gone. We can only look forward to the future. And the future of football is bright. It is even brighter for teams that have the financial muscle that Real Madrid has.

New players will come. New gaffers have and will be appointed. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Madrid, a very bright light. It is time that a new star is born. If you are a fan of football and sports bet, make sure you are above the age of 18, visit for more information about responsible gambling.

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