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News: British Boxers

in Africa

12.04.2019 - Boxing is one of the colonial heritage of the motherland, Africa. And hate it or love it there are some bloody good boxers that have come from the African continent. Even though millions of people are on the continent the sport of boxing has been outrightly neglected.
Boxing and Africa
There are very few sports that can trace their roots to the African continent. Boxing is nothing new to Africa. Tribes on the vast continent have been holding organised fights for a really long time. This information is supported by a lot of text from renowned writers from the continent.

“Wrestling” is considered a major part in the way of life of many of the civilisations in Africa. As part of the rite to manhood, boys have to battle not only with each other but at times with ferocious wild animals like lions.

Boxing was officially introduced in many of the African regions by conquering nations just like casinos, click here for boxing-themed slots. The main country that can be held accountable (for lack of a better word) for the growth of boxing as a sport in Africa is Britain.

As one of the biggest colonisers in the world, it cannot be any other way. Now it comes as no surprise that many of the biggest boxing bouts on the continent are sponsored by British moguls. Besides the large amount of money that is involved in organising the matches, most of the benefactors of the sport are in it purely for the love of the game.

Money and Boxing in Africa
The biggest source of income in the sport of boxing, like in all other sports, is the betting houses. Sports’ betting has literary taken over the entire world. There are thousands of real money bets that are being placed daily. In the South, the bets are being placed at land-based establishments and at casino sites sites.

The amount of competition that is prevalent in the gambling industry is one of the reasons why the industry has increased sponsorship in sport. A symbiotic relationship now exists between the sports and the betting houses. Bookmakers need sports to earn a living and many sports are benefiting from the increased viewership that has resulted from people placing bets. There is real money to be made in sports and sports betting.