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For Arab Players

25.01.2019 - The idea of online casinos was tested in 1996 and from then onwards online gambling took off in a pace. Today with the number of casinos is growing and so is the revenue benefiting from the players around the world. When comparing with the traditional casinos, online casinos have much more advantages which have backed to its development, acceptance, and earnings.
Online Poker in Arab Countries
If you would like to play online Arabia poker, there are many poker portals such as Poker Arab where you can sign up and start earning. Some of them are Pokerstars, 888poker, Partypoker and Bwinpoker. They have excellent customer service in any language such as English, Arabic, Chinese etc. Most famous sites such as Pokerstars, 888poker has language support such as French, Russian etc.
The top-level Arabic Poker sites have a responsive and co-operative round the clock seven days a week client support in any language you Arabic pokers want. Clients are accepted all over the world as there are no limitations or restrictions. They also have subtle VIP Lounge plan for those pokers who would like to play it secretively on request, their friendly VIP hands will help you. There are few pokers website which is available on the android app. They can also use their poker services available on the smartphone and play from any place in the globe.

Below is the list of best online poker preferable for Arabic pokers:
- Betway Poker
- Juicy Stakes
- Intertops Poker
- 32Red Poker
- Unibet Poker
- Natural8 Poker
- Wild Jack Poker
- Boylesports Poker
- Party Poker

The recognition of poker Arab in the past few years is because of the virtual rooms that enable players to play games on the Internet, using just a Smartphone, PC, or Tablet, and from anyplace in the world.

The good thing of poker Arab is that it let you play games without leaving the comfort of your home, you can play it anywhere, at whatever time you want to. Also, pokers are given an option of playing with bets (cents) or for free. Playing online pokers is so easy and it doesn’t require an skilled hand. Anyone can play it as many times they want.

Playing in the Arabic Countries Is Strict
Playing online poker game in UAE is quite difficult as United Arab Emirates (UAE) doesn’t vacillate when it comes to hindering any website that they consider unsuitable.

Nevertheless, even when UAE Government considers playing online poker games but the sites are inadequate so far, they haven’t much of online poker websites. Even if you want to play online poker, you should be cautious. As per the Poker Laws, the best-suggested sites to play in the Arabic countries are Natural8 and 888poker. Many Arab players also adore the game ballot and play it frequently with friends and in the baloot tournament.

Some players use a VPN to feel the sense of security while playing online poker, but VPN is unlawful also in the UAE. So you should be careful about that too. Though it's not easy for them to hunt out that somebody is playing online poker or utilizing a VPN, but it does disclose that the UAE administration takes seriously its duty to control what its people look after on the Internet.

Why Arab casinos are famous?
Currencies & deposit method
Arab online casinos accept many currencies which makes it easier for two or more people playing from diverse countries to play together. In old-style casinos, this is not possible. Also, the key deposit method in casinos is cash and online casinos take other methods too like money gram, money transfer, card, Net Pay etc.

Play with real money
Playing with real cash gives you an unidentified thrill altogether. In old-fashioned casinos, you are provided casino chips which don't have the worth of tangible money. While betting in online casinos you deal with real money and so are more careful about losing it and winning more.

Avoid useless food & drinks
It’s always benefits from playing an online poker game, like being in front of your home can save a lot of money and offer you added health assistance. If you play traditional poker games, you are desirous to drink more at a home which provides you with outstanding opportunities to do it.

No smoking
Staying a casino needs a lot of groundwork if you are somebody who is sensitive to smoking. The players smoke from the start of the day to end. If you don't want to face the annoyance of smoking but relish some fine games of betting, take a seat at home, switch on your PC or smartphone and type online Arabic casinos for an entertaining filled betting experience.

Play more games
Never stick o one online poker game in the online casino zone. Always look for the many interesting options such as power poker, fruit fiesta, red dog, sand storm, gladiator's gold, Jurassic jackpot, poker pursuit, genies games, and pirates paradise.

Other advantages of online casinos:
- No dress code
- Inexpensive
- There's decent player support when you play online
- Enjoy the privacy
- Security
- There are choices for free play which will aid you to run through.
- Health doesn’t make any hindrance
- No worry of Bad weather
- Less disturbance playing online poker games when comparing with land casinos.

Language is no bar for Arabic poker
With online poker games are getting popular in many countries, they have released poker games in many languages. So Arabic poker is no need to worry about the language and communication hitches as online casinos be offered to gamble in several languages such as Japanese, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Danish etc. So poker always feels comfortable while visiting an online casino.

The fact of poker game in Arab
Whether you know it or not, online poker in Arab countries is one of the few games that people play and likes a lot. People all over the globe are frolicking poker not just for fun but playing it as a standard of living. Be it online or offline, you can play poker online anywhere. The poker game is not new but the online poker type is still moderately new. The game starts in 1998 and it started making waves in 2005. There are a number of pokers who have made the real money playing online which often helps as extra paycheck at the end of the month but if you’re just into poker as an interest or hobby then you can have a lot of fun playing poker online.

Wondering, How Online Pokers Make Enough Money?
Many new pokers wonder how playing online poker games will make them earn money. The answer is quite easy- By playing several internet poker games. This is not a scam. Its possible to double an earning by playing online poker games.

Here’s the secret part:
The online poker game is being played the same way as many regular poker games operate, but you are always permitted to play many tables. The secret to increasing the win is by gambling on a low limit. In traditional casinos, a person is entitled to play in online one table but gambling online will provide an option to view and play more than 2 games real-time in one screen.
The Arab countries where playing Online poker is famous are:
- Lebanon
- United Arab Emirates
- Western Sahara

The game is also quite famous in countries like Morocco, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Somalia, and all Arab countries. Arabic online casinos are becoming progressively prevalent, both in Arab nations and also further new places. This has made a whole new business.

Online casinos are now available in a mobile app. This brings a whole new opportunity for the online poker industry to groom. Apps for these types of games have tumbled out of fashion to some extent, as they need the user to download them.

Currency available for Arab poker
When it comes to currency, the Arab poker games are available in their regional currency. Most of the online casinos are operates Egyptian Pounds or US Dollars or Great British Pounds. As the Arab country is so vast, these can be utilized to offer the casino more demand across the panel. The currency is being deposited via the mixed range of methods as per the poker’s convenience.

Arab market for an online poker game is set to boom over the coming years, with the prospective to go beyond other casino markets in the world. Arabic online casinos are in their initial stages, but worth trying because of the captivation with gambling, pockets of betting fanatics can be found all over the Arab Gulf region.

Arab poker density and popularity
Online poker from the USA and Western Europe has surely turned into great maturity chapter. Speaking of some countries there is still a high-level of growth in the player base, as compared from 2003 to 2007 the growth was not as fine. What is the actual situation of the online poker industry in Arabic countries? In which area or countries the Texas Hold’em play specifically famous from the Arab world?

The concreteness of online players in the Arab world:
- It played majorly in Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan. We should know the concept of the game “how we can get the final epitome?” We had collected the number of most players of 2011 from the official website of poker as well as positioned that numbers in rapport to the population in a particular leading country.
- We filled up and indexed the countries with a large number of poker players as per inhabitant to hundred.
- It can estimate the approximation only since the total number of players is still very low as well as because the figures for party poker and full tilt poker is reported by PTR. Therefore, in any Arabic country, if another poker room is on roll as compared to others, then the figures are flawed.

POS Country players or population index
1. Lebanon 100
2. United Arab Emirates 74
3. Western Sahara 66
4. Qatar 24
5. Kuwait 22
6. Jordan 18
7. Somalia 3
8. Algeria 2
9. Iraq 2
10. Syria 1
11. Libya 1

Highlight on particular Arabian countries
- Another way to evaluate how popular a term can be, just type it into Google. This was the actual thing what we have already done for particular countries. The conclusion would be a graph that shows how relative interest in poker has been established for particular Arabian countries.
- The holy Quran announces the gambling as is a cat of Satan about temptation that’s why gambling is prescribed in the whole world.
- If we discuss the UAE, Dubai is the only place where gambling is occurred by someone. Dubai allows three areas for gambling. Even though horse riding is the famous game in the whole world especially in the Arab region but the entire thing is possible for Dubai.

Let’s talk about online gambling, as per the resources, online gambling is in full swing in the Arab region as well as available on some sites. Online pokers sites made their position in UAE, but UAE is facing some problems in authority matters. But casino and online poker games continue in Dubai and some more parts or area of Dubai. You can say that the Arab Gulf region is not really a hard thing for poker and online gambling.

Bottom line
Gambling in Saudi Arabia is illegal and there is no chance of online gambling. The government of Saudi Arabia has prevented the sites of online gambling as well as pornographic images and content and anti-religious gossips. By developing apps, developers do their business but the government is banning online games and rejecting the license to operate online. There are various sites in Saudi that offers online games to earn real money. So there is not a way to get that simply but it’s always worth and fun playing it.