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News: Is online casino safe?

Advices for all internet players

26.11.2018 - Right from its inception, the internet has always been used with caution due to the several security breaches it witnessed in the past. This necessary precaution made individuals of all class exhibit scepticism towards any form of financial transaction that has to be completed over the internet. Online casinos in their formative years also suffer greatly from this scepticism and many more other internet-related phobias.
The development and application of digital encryption technology and all other security features have however made it possible for individuals to perform online financial transactions without the phobia of losing money or revealing sensitive details to third parties.
This development among other important variables significantly improved people’s willingness to accept online casinos as a reliable alternative to the land-based casinos. As at today, we have so many trusted casino websites some of which can be found on our catalogue -

How to choose a Safe Casino
The easiest way to knowing the safest casino websites to choose from at all times is by picking from the recommended casino websites listed in our catalogue. Not only are they secured by the strongest encryption technology, but they are also licensed by the New Zealand Gambling Commission. The implication of the aforementioned is that you will always be paid once you meet the winning condition.
In the event that you decide not to choose from the recommended casino websites, your chosen casino website must have a badge of trust from the best security firm available and it must also be registered as a licensed operator under the Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand. Finally, you should read punter’s review from multiple sources before deciding to place a stake with them.

Types of Online Casinos
Due to the unavailability of a physical boundary, online casinos can host thousands of games with ease. As a result, you will surely find the advance version of your favourite casino games and many more you are yet to come across by opting for online casinos. Slots games, Baccarat, Blackjack, Video Poker, Craps, Roulette, live poker games and any other chance-based games you can think of can all be found on all or any of the casino websites listed on our website as a free game or with real money.

Branded slot games
Top gaming companies have been partnering with exciting brands (especially the ones with large followership) to produce slot games that will appeal to a bigger audience. Games like Guns and Roses, Jack and the Beanstalk, Dracula, The Invisible Man and many others with popular names are all modelled after popular brands for the sole purpose of appealing to a larger audience.

Payment Methods
Deposit or withdrawals on any of the listed casino website on our platforms can be made via any nationally accepted New Zealand bank cards or digital wallets.

Online Sport Management Games
Online non-gambling games including those sport management ones shows many similarities. Games sells premium accounts which requires online payments. Same security concerns amonth the players are present here. And same arguments should wipe these concerns too.