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News: The 3 Greatest Heavyweights of All Time

Could Anthony Joshua join them?

30.10.2018 - Boxing’s heavyweight division is thriving once again, thanks to Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, who have taken the division by storm, claiming all available championships between them. These two have helped the division recover following the dominating decade of Wladimir Klitschko and they could meet next April in a fight to decide who the true undisputed heavyweight champion is.
There have been a lot of heavyweights who have become household names after winning championships and defeating rivals, but who are the greatest boxing heavyweights and where does Anthony Joshua rank among them?

3) Mike Tyson
The most destructive boxer in the history of the sport? Tyson would finish his career with three defeats in his last four bouts and an impressive overall record of 50 victories and 6 losses. Iron Mike finished his career with a knockout record of 76% following his 44 KOs.
Tyson went through many troubling periods during his career, which may have been his downfall at times. Buster Douglas shocked the world, defeating Tyson at betting odds of 42-1, which will forever be remembered in boxing folklore.
Tyson makes the list because he was one of the best boxers in the world in the early stages of his career. There was a reason he is known as “The Baddest Man on the Planet”.

2) Joe Louis
American boxer Joseph Barrow, better known as Joe Louis, was one of the most dominant champions in the history of boxing. Between 1934 and 1951, Louis was the world’s best and boxed in an incredible 26 championship fights, putting him second in history, only one behind Julio Cesar Chavez.
Louis finished his remarkable career with 69 fights, 66 of which were victories. He had a knockout record of 75% with his 52 knockouts. He finished his record-breaking career at the home of boxing, Madison Square Garden, in New York City against the unbeaten Rocky Marciano. Louis retired following this defeat bringing an end to the American’s sensational career.

1) Muhammad Ali
The number one heavyweight has to be ‘the greatest’ Muhammad Ali. He was the pioneer of the sport and pushed it to the heights it is at today. Cassius Marcellus Clay became known for his confidence and trash talking which led to him being renowned as “The King of Trash Talk”.
Ali is the most celebrated sports figure of the 20th century and became an inspiring figure for people around the world. To this day he still remains the only three time lineal champion of the division and took part in two of the greatest fights in history. These being the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ against rival Joe Frazier and his contest against George Foreman that is known as ‘the Rumble in the Jungle’.

Muhammed Ali finished his career with 56 victories and five defeats, with three of those defeats coming in his last four bouts. Ali finished with a knockout record of 61% with 37 KOs. However it was his stylish orthodox fighting style which he will be remembered for. Ali simply was the greatest heavyweight in the history of the sport.
As for Anthony Joshua, his impressive 22-0 record helps his reputation as one of the top heavyweights in today’s heavyweight division. However, many believe that he has still yet to prove himself against the very best boxing has to offer.
This could all change next April as it is looking likely that he will take on either Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury. Should he win the fight and add the WBC heavyweight title to his already impressive collection of championships, then perhaps his name will be added to this list of heavyweight greats.