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News: Penalty Shootout

At World Cup

04.07.2018 - Did you see it? There have been 3 matches at 2018 World Cup in the first knockout stage which ended up in penalty shootout.
Spain, Denmark and Colombia went home after loosing the penalty shootout. It raises questions especially in case of Spanish National Team. Is the match strategy, which obviously looked like waiting for the shootout rather than take any risks in the offensive play, better than fighting for the win in regular time or at least overtime?

Let`s look put emotions aside and look at the topic more scientific way. Probability of winning through shootout seems to be 50:50. Is it really 50:50? No it is not altough the probability of winning through shootout is always different than in regular time. It is due to the fact that penalty shootout is rather individual competition where 1 on 1 shooter against goalkeeper stays in a single minigames. No need for teamwork, no space for mistakes, no need to do anything else just to shoot at the goal and try to make saves. But in any case football team so overpowered like Spain against the Russians, have much better chances in regular football game, than in shootout. That makes their match tactics very unuseful.

In that case it is not much better than just simply play casino online and play one round of roulette putting all your money to red color. Would you do it if you know, you have better chances in other game? If you are smart person, you would not! That gives us answer to a question about Fernando Hierro skill as a football match tactics decission maker. Not smart!