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News: Soccer Game of the Year 2016

Dugout Soccer

03.04.2017 - This is soccer (or association football) edition of best games of the year 2016 rankings. Finally this is the first category we have different winner than last year!
We have 49 soccer games in our database, and considering the fact it is much more than any other game makes this category most prestigious.

Maybe because of this long list of games the results are also the least stable. We changed the winner every again now! Dugout Soccer is a long time strong game here but last year it was who won. They moved to second now, but the gap is pretty small. All top 5 games would be easily in top 2 if they are in other sport category than soccer :)

So here are the best online soccer manager games of the year 2016:

Winner is awarded with a nice badge from our portal: