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News: Basketball Game of the Year 2016

Buzzer Beater

03.04.2017 - We have a change on top of this fourth category of our Game of the Year award. Last year the Buzzer Beater took the win after years of Charazay dominance. This year it is a proof that the strenght was really moved to the side of Buzzer Beater. Well done!
In this category, the winning game is the best all round basketball game as well as it was last year. Buzzer Beater got to the top last year and kept there with no problem.

Second place goes to Charazay, dominant basketball game of the past, but this time it really proves decline of this legendary game. They earned second place by inches, and there are real hunters rught on their heels. I would be surprised to see Charazay in top 3 next year.

So here are the best online basketball manager games of the year 2016:

Winner is again awarded with a nice badge from our portal: