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News: Interrelation of football and gambling, and Casinority online games

Risk in everything

06.08.2016 - What are the similarities between gambling: football and casino games, attitude to well-known players’ games. Do sports players like risk after all?
It seems football itself is a sport that requires much effort and brings thrills. But, as it turned out, players are gambling people and they like visiting casinos. Often all football tournaments end letting off steam in casino or participating in online games. Sport and hazard are inseparable concepts. Players, fans are often so accustomed to risk and unprecedented feelings that they cannot do without it in normal life.

Football is the same online game
Almost half of England team visit online gambling clubs. Particularly, Wayne Rooney, "Three Lions" leader, often spends time in virtual casinos at

Unquenchable thirst for gambling
Central defender of "Barcelona", Spain national team, Gerard Pique has reached football peak. World Championships, European Championships, Champions League – it’s possible listing set of victories associated with his name. But that doesn’t diminish his attraction to risk, therefore he loves visiting casinos.
Best England striker Jamie Vardy is a regular guest of the British casinos. "Leicester City" superstar plays poker almost every weekend, alleging that it’s possible to better relieve stress such a way. Other well-known players such as Deco and even the great Ronaldinho don’t miss a chance to spend time at the tables.
Out of ten players who have won this year's invitation to top club, talented Polish footballer Kamil Grosicki was often seen in gambling clubs. Since 17 years he has been addicted to gambling, with trainers help he was able to reveal his talent, giving up his immersion.

Poker and good income
David Beckham, after ending his career as a midfielder in "Real" and "Milan" teams, became interested in gambling. Making high stakes, he spends much time in Las Vegas casinos. He’s also actively involved in development of gambling, he has even signed a contract with owners of such clubs in Macau and Singapore. This brings him quite a good income.
Besides Beckham, many other British players like gambling. For example, bets at casino are actively made by Paul Merson, Tony Adams, Paul Gascoigne.
Most players are attracted by poker game. We must pay tribute to that sportsmen achieve great success at gaming table. Gerard Pique, "Barcelona" player, even took third place in the big poker live event and received 41 000 euros. Teddy Sheringham, "Manchester United" former striker, has won about 500 000 pounds sterling in casino for all time of his visit.

Inseparable concepts
It can safely be said that gambling, particularly poker and football are inextricably linked. After all, poker’s essentially the same football game, where cards and chips are instead of players. Addiction to thrills is manifested in everything, just like when you play in casino, in football players experience unprecedented excitement, causing them doing things that seem illogical to other people.