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News: Online Sport Management vs. Sportsbook Betting


01.07.2016 - An online sport manager game is a game that puts the player in the position of general manager, owner, coach, player, and so on depending on the sport and game. It’s tough to pinpoint what truly makes the perfect sport manager game, because it is wholly dependent on the individual. Some people feel that the more realistic and complex the game is, the better, while others prefer a more simplistic, straightforward approach.
Either way, what’s the difference between knowing enough about a sport to be able to be successful in its management and knowing enough about a sport in order to be successful in betting real money on its outcome?

The first and easiest place to start is the risk factor. Unless you’re playing for money amongst friends, there are only two risks you take on when playing an online sport manager game: you could pay to play it and not like it, or you could play a free one, spend a lot of time on it, and feel unsatisfied even after all those man-hours. In comparison to betting on sports, those risks are minimal to say the least.

Every single bet you place in sports is a risky endeavour. Even if the odds to win are shining so brightly on one person or team that it’s almost blinding, there is still a chance they could lose. Some are much riskier bets than others, and if you bet $1, it’s going to feel a lot less risky than betting $1,000, but it’s always going to be a bigger risk than playing an online sport manager game.

The second and probably the biggest difference is the difference in control. In online sport management, you make all the decisions, so the outcome of the game can only be blamed on yourself. The most frustrating part about betting on real sports is that there is a hundred other people you can point the finger at that are responsible for you losing your bet. In sport management games, you get to completely dictate every decision to get the result you think the decisions will lead to, and if they don’t lead to that result, you can start over, try a different approach, or do the same strategy again to see if it was a fluke.

Sport management is all about the beauty of the strategy rather than the heart pounding action of the risky thrill. You only have to put your faith in one person rather than hope the team you bet on is as skilled, intuitive, and as forward-thinking as you. Yelling, “What were you thinking?!” at the screen or at the event itself is a fun part of watching sports, but when you have real money on the line, it’s not fun anymore. Suddenly, you’re actually asking the question, and you’re demanding a logical answer.

The differences between sport management games and sportsbook gambling are obvious enough, but how are they similar?

What’s interesting about being an average sports bettor and being a sports bettor that avidly plays sports management games is the difference in mindset when you are placing your bets, and the more in-depth knowledge of what exactly goes on behind the scenes. You can look at past decisions made by the coaches, management, and players and come up with a solid bet based on that. You can look at the consistency of how the management changes up their tactics and strategy in a sound way to get results based on their opponent, and place your bets accordingly. If you don’t have faith in the strategy in tactics, you can bet on the other team and vice versa.

To the casual sports bettor, analyzing strategy to determine best bet seems like a headache, and they would rather listen to the experts than deal with all that, putting themselves at the mercy of someone else making an educated (or so they say) guess. But, if you’re on this website, chances are you enjoy playing sport management games, which also probably means you don’t mind putting in that time and effort down to the most minute of details.

Sure, pun intended, but if you have your bases covered, you’ll be one of the more successful gamblers in the online sportsbook, and it can be largely thanks to your online sport management gaming experience and expertise.