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News: How the soccer players lose money

At the casinos

03.11.2015 - After brilliant act of Wayne Rooney in qualifying round of the Soccer World Cup, in which Manchester United played against Belarus with a score of 3:1 (Wayne made two of these three goals) in favor of the Manchester United, Wayne returned to Manchester and decided to rest... the best local casino.

English soccer player, immediately went to the gaming table to play famous card game - blackjack. The maximum bet at the table was five hundred thousand pounds. At the beginning of the game, Wayne smiled sweetly. However, after Wayne started playing blackjack, he began immediately lose money, one bet by another... Wayne probably hoped that lady-luck would turn to him after changing the game table, but no luck. He leaved the casino, with total loss of 65k pounds. In the words of the paparazzi there was no case to Wayne Rooney sat at a gaming table sober - he was always drunk and always makes the highest bid. These amounts of money do not beat on a pocket of the soccer player, because his weekly wage is 100 000 English pounds.

Nevertheless, not all the soccer players are playing poorly in a variety of gambling games. English soccer player - Teddy Sheringham plays poker as a professional, he took part in one of the EPT.

You can directly link the casino and sports, and gambling with the athletes. But other than that there is feedback. For example, in 2002, after a successful game, Moscow soccer team Spartak, was visualized on the gaming cards in one of the Russian casinos.

In total, each year athletes loose about 1.3 to 3.2 billion US dollars by playing in casinos and about 20 million dollars by playing online gambling!