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News: Changes to the Game

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09.11.2021 - There have been nice changes announced to the best browser motorsport management game on the internet. To have more action managers will be able to manage not one but two drivers at the same time.
Among other changes there is a new big feature called Racing Clubs. Managers will be able to join forces and build their own cars and then use them in races against other such clubs. That adds a completely new experience and additional excitement to the game. Just imagine driving your own car on track like Monaco and go around the famous casino. Exciting huh?

The best browser based motorsport manager game is improving constantly.

This feature will be based on purchasing card packs for coins, paid feature, or activity points, which is free based on activity manager performs in the game. Basic cards can be joined and exchanged for better cards. Then these cards represent specific car components. Some of the cards will change the car's visuals, others affect car performance. There are also driver enhancement cards to give opportunity to compete for younger less experienced and skilled drivers.

Adding the option to manage a second driver comes with more changes to drivers too. Driver attributes will now drop at different rates when the driver gets too old to improve. Some skills will be possible to improve even when the driver is not young anymore. Driver skill peak should stay for a few more seasons. The second driver will be available for licensed users from day 71 of this 43rd season. That means licensed managers can create this second driver and if the Superlicense expires only one of the drivers will be available to manage until the manager renews the Superlicense.

The second driver must choose a different career path than already created drivers to avoid conflicts in race participation. Current career paths in the game are circuit racing, races like F1, NASCAR, Indy Car, motorcycles racing, like MotoGP, and also Rally like WRC.

Age difference between should be at least 5 years to make sure both are not too young and will not get to their skill peak at the same time. The general idea is to have one skilled driver to race on high level while the other should be young with ascending skills to be ready for his peak in the future.

In some cases it will be possible to race in the same races with both drivers, but in those which really counts it will not be allowed to avoid competitive advantage. Especially those season series races which are the most important.

It is not yet clear whether second drivers will have to be the same nationality as his manager or it will be allowed to create drivers with different nationality but these discussions are on. Community did welcome this idea, so it is highly probable that it will be allowed.

After refusal of proposed changes in the game Formula 1 system which would include a cost cap, reworked financial system and improved car development, creators decided to abandon this idea for the near future. They will rather focus on MotoGP teams which would use the proposed system. Creators have high hopes for this concept to work and become popular so the F1 managers will also want the same system in the future. The concept would require to work hard on team management every season and not live from the success achieved previously with low or no effort. That should give the opportunity to bottom teams to grow and become one of the top teams thanks to the good work. Although it really looks like an improvement to the current simple system, managers preferred to keep the status quo to be able to use their knowledge and not be forced to look for better ways in the sea of unknowns, which is obviously understandable because even the bottom teams do have the plan how to raise in current system in the future. That plan would have been destroyed if the new system was accepted.