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XVManager - Online rugby manager game

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Sport: Rugby
User Rating: 62.79% (436 votes)
62.79% 62.79% 62.79% 62.79% 62.79%
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XVManager - Online rugby manager game


XVManager is an online Rugby Management game.
Playable for free, without any installation, only with a web browser, you will take the place of a Rugby team manager which participates to the XVManager Championship.
Create your own team, train your players, engage staff, buy equipment, enlarge your stadium ... all is done to permit you to win the championship.


XVManager is free to play, as long as you want. Additional options are available and make the game funiest, but doesn't advantage you.


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2010-11-23 17:36:20 garba (unregistered) IP: 195.115.*.*
It's fantastic
2010-12-15 14:44:12 pizza29 (unregistered) IP: 82.246.*.*
The best game of rugby
2011-02-18 12:12:15 joedaposka (unregistered) IP: 84.37.*.*
Just average. I prefer !
2011-04-21 23:19:52 amz (unregistered) IP: 188.26.*.*
compared with, this XVMan is a joke
2011-09-12 05:12:54 Delly (unregistered) IP: 217.60.*.*
Gosh, I wish I would have had that information eraelir!
2012-02-07 17:23:39 abeltasman (unregistered) IP: 81.80.*.*
very good games with a amazing atmosphere
2012-02-07 20:53:02 Chevy (unregistered) IP: 109.14.*.*
le meilleur des jeux de rugby
2012-02-07 21:17:41 sigzig (unregistered) IP: 78.246.*.*
jeu top, j'aime l'ambiance
2012-02-08 03:50:26 woogan (unregistered) IP: 201.229.*.*
Very nice game with plenty of parameters of competence to control in order to win the Elite Championship!
Additionnally, very nice atmosphere on the collectivity ;)
2012-02-08 09:28:11 totof64 (unregistered) IP: 95.174.*.*
très bon jeu, je m'amuse bien
2012-02-08 20:42:49 Robloch\' (unregistered) IP: 109.213.*.*
Best rugby game !
2012-08-27 10:12:33 Ayobarmi (unregistered) IP: 213.185.*.*
That's not just logic. That's really ssenible.
2012-10-22 19:47:08 Chabal (unregistered) IP: 195.83.*.*
Excellent game !
2012-11-18 18:31:56 What a Joke! (unregistered) IP: 95.146.*.*
Omg Terrible!! Game
2013-07-27 11:06:36 mvpbud (unregistered) IP: 121.75.*.*
I know a really cool rugby manager game its rugby manager its really cool
2014-05-01 20:50:20 DUDE (unregistered) IP: 50.102.*.*
Heres a great racing game
2014-12-18 06:34:42 Eric (unregistered) IP: 62.210.*.*
Articles like this really grease the shafts of kngedelow.

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