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Nasrac - Online motorsport manager game

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Sport: Motorsport
User Rating: 57.06% (177 votes)
57.06% 57.06% 57.06% 57.06% 57.06%
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Nasrac - Online motorsport manager game


Nasrac is a racing manager game. Nasrac runs 6 days a week(excludes Sundays & Holidays) It has several factors it is based on such as engine,wedge,spoiler,tires and etc.
It includes a 7 lap practice session to tune this componets. After all is done, you qualify for the race and set a startegy (risk, pit strategys and some other aspects).
There is a open forum and chatroom to discuss topics about the game and other topics of interest. You can run as a independent or join one of the luxurous teams. It is completley free to play. Once you begin, you can pre-qualify for up to 7 races in advance, to ensure that you will not miss a race. There is no other participation. Fun for all ages.


The game is totally FREE, and there is a option to Donate.


OSM Reviews



2012-01-09 07:29:04 CJ (unregistered) IP: 76.251.*.*
Great Game! I have played the game for about 2 years now, and I love it.
2012-01-09 07:32:52 b (unregistered) IP: 76.251.*.*
Simple and user friendly! Great community offering lots of help.
2012-01-10 01:56:34 Henderson (unregistered) IP: 75.195.*.*
Great game. Have been playing for three years, and can't get enough. Not anything too difficult to understand. Very simple text based game.
2012-01-10 22:00:46 Nick (unregistered) IP: 64.12.*.*
Great game. Simple with a great community of people and teams. Been plaing it for over a year
2012-01-14 20:26:56 KRB (unregistered) IP: 72.152.*.*
Excellent game, fun to play and chat with people.
Been playing for several seasons
2012-01-14 21:12:29 GB (unregistered) IP: 64.25.*.*
Fun game, great people to meet. Been there a long time and still have lots of fun.
2012-01-14 21:35:57 TJ (unregistered) IP: 75.9.*.*
NASRAC is a great game! Been playing since June and it is awesome.
2012-01-15 00:55:08 (unregistered) IP: 68.239.*.*
Even though I'm already adding to the chrous of people already singing NASRAC's praises, it is amazing and has, in my mind, the greatest racing management series on the web: AAA1. 50 of the greatest on the web in 36 races over 6 weeks.
2012-01-16 05:43:18 PlatinumGamer2 (unregistered) IP: 99.167.*.*
I have been playing this since July of 2009. It is a wonderful experience. Help is around every corner for the new user.
2012-01-16 23:37:16 Steve A (unregistered) IP: 108.45.*.*
I've been playing this game since the day it started, and it has been downright awesome. Intense race replays, detailed race results and standings, and a whole lot of stats including: career wins, pole's, top 5's, top 10's and team stats, including an inaugural Team Challenge, where teams compete against each other for the TC cup! This is the BEST racing manager game I've ever played, and, as if it isn't great already, it is completely FREE, so you don't have to worry about users with more features than you, like in almost every other management game out there.
2012-03-07 18:45:08 KRB (unregistered) IP: 74.232.*.*
Improvements are in the near future.
Another step forward to be the best FREE game
2012-08-27 08:34:11 Andreea (unregistered) IP: 94.23.*.*
lockout effects a lot of tighns. Yes madden, it also affects citys, the usual money they bring in for ticket sales, food at the stadium, they dont get any money. Citys also lose money, becuase without games theres no tailgating, food places downtown, will lose a lot of cash, people who make money from parking lose money, everyone loses money. Pizza places, stores, fast food, tv companys, direc tv, sunday ticket brings in a lot of money. without football no more monday night partys, so not as much bussiness, stores wont sell the chips, pretels, napkins, ect. Football is one of the biggest profits in america.
2012-11-24 16:17:47 CTG39 (unregistered) IP: 108.64.*.*
nasrac is a VERY great game! I've tried some of these other games, and it is a long process. In nasrac, it is simple and takes a. Short time to setup, and STILL gives you the basic necessitites of an online game. The people on it are very friendly, and you get hand picked and scouted to join a team by the 8 Team Leaders, mostly all from AAA, a series that hosts the most active, expieienced, and known drivers in online racing.
2012-12-14 15:13:01 Dom (unregistered) IP: 89.177.*.*
Great simple game to play. Sadly had to leave because I had absolutely no time + real life issues like school etc.

I still managed to get to the highest level though.
2013-02-17 18:08:28 KRB (unregistered) IP: 72.152.*.*
Nasrac is the play where ALL the motorsports guy come too when their own games fail.
Nasrac still holds onto its 3 levels of experience and where everyone has a opportunity to win and be on teams. Teams are expanding and makes for more fun interaction against rivalrys. Come and Join!! It only takes a few minutes of your time and Come visit our chatroom daily.
2013-05-04 00:53:53 MRC/GPRO sucks (unregistered) IP: 72.152.*.*
NASRAC is ranked among the best.
The others Gpro/MRC get more recognition because the head people are linked to it, so of course they get the votes.

You want some entertaining and some drama.
PRACTICE for 7 LAPS, GO QUALIFY, and SETUP for a random chance of WINNING!!
2014-02-11 17:14:05 KRB (unregistered) IP: 72.152.*.*
Sorry, but this game is TEMPORARY ON HOLD.
The owner (Kevin) has decided to do so and maybe it comes back with some added features.


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