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Pitwall - Online formula 1 manager game

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Sport: Motorsport
User Rating: 57.27% (55 votes)
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Pitwall - Online formula 1 manager game


Pitwall is a free online F1 management game. After signing up you have the chance to either create a new team and start up from the lowest division, or you can join a team who are without a team manager. It's your choice! As a team manager you should: develop your car, sign up top class drivers, get the best staff, get the best out of sponsorship deals by negotiating and build up a world class team. Because of Pitwalls advanced race engine, you can follow the race live every Sunday! This means that you could change your tactics in the middle of the race, change your driver orders, change your pit strategy, and much more.! If you can't be online during the races, then you can always set up a tactics so that you aren't disadvantaged. Perhaps in a few seasons your team could be the team to beat.


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2013-04-25 20:26:44 Fishcat (unregistered) IP: 2.28.*.*
The old Pitwall was amazing, but it all went wrong in 2011, when the servers ate all the memory or something, and the entire game was wiped out. The developer is currently rebuilding the game, very slowly, but I'm looking forward to seeing this one back up and running soon.
2016-07-26 06:47:02 Canadian Nippon (unregistered) IP: 96.51.*.*
Pitwall 1.0 as we call in the game was amazing and yes it was wiped out. Pitwall 2.0 has been back for about 2 years now and has the basics of the Pitwall 1.0 but some other changes. The game has a more complex development, which is creating confusion as to the best way to handle it.Didn't work correctly out of beta so has been changed to take longer to research and develop. Huge issue out of beta with salary of drivers and staff causing many teams to go bankrupt. Fixed slightly but drivers & staff now need to cycle through.

Good Game now as it needs more fixing and polishing before it become great but Frank (Game designer) has a lot planned and a lot on his plate. The game is always improving and he does listen to the players but doesn't always agree to each direction to take the game.


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