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Newturf - Online horseracing manager game

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Sport: Horse Racing
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Newturf - Online horseracing manager game


Virtual horse racing game.
Newturf is a multiplayer stable management game which is based on real money (game currency is Euro).

Features include:

- Live auctions where users can sell and buy horses
- Flat racing, hurdling, trotting (harness racing)
- Without handicap races, handicap races, claimers (with 10 minutes live auctions at the end of the claiming race)
- International races, regional races
- Breeding: each horse has a unique genotype, which impacts its racing abilities and preferences (speed, stamina, flexibility, obediance, going and distance preference).
- Training: you can train by yourself (complicated exercice) or entrust your horses to other trainers and negociate a percentage fee on the horse winnings.
- Jockey, mount: you jockey your own horses or entrust them to other jockey for a percentage fee on the horse winnings. Possibility in trotting to put horses off, possibility in flat racing to add blinckers
- Team concept (private forum, private races, Team racetrack where Team admin can organise public races). A major competition where all Teams face each other (Team Cup) is being held each month.
- Various cups and major racing events all along the month
- Lifetime horse career lasts 8 months
- Possibility for UK & Ireland players to place bets (pool betting) on Newturf virtual races (special races called Golden Races) through a network of partnering sites (powered by Betforce totalisator board, a subsidiary of Palamax, Newturf game publisher)
- High quality 3D race viewer with the possibility to switch from one camera to another on a single click
- Stable owner can personalize his own racing silks

Game of skill licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission Cash-out policy depending on players's country of residence

Facebook fan page (with exclusive player interviews):


This virtual world is entirely based on real money, which makes it more realistic and exciting.
You need to fund your account to play and learn Newturf. There is no trial of free mode.


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2012-08-25 11:13:50 Diego (unregistered) IP: 213.202.*.*
There is nothing wrong in pusuring a business to make a profit to provides ones self and family a living. It is when money becomes ones god, that that same one will have a problem. Money and possesions will never fill a person. Ive personally see millionaires here, that once they got the first million, they needed the second, then they needed the third, and they truly were, the most sad and incomplete people Ive ever know. Great big mansion, BMV convertibles and a Hummer, making millions, and still looking for something that all these material possessions just could fill. It took me 40 years to understand it, as I chased this crap also. What I found was we all have a Jesus shaped hole in our heart, and until you fill that, there will always be that search for something to fulfull ones desires, that never gets filled, because its the wrong shape.


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