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Equination - Online horseracing manager game

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Sport: Horse Racing
User Rating: 47.15% (79 votes)
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Equination - Online horseracing manager game


Welcome to, one of most realistic and exciting virtual horse racing games on the Internet! This fun and free game is family-friendly and enjoyed by people of any age. Each stable has the ability to claim, train, race and breed their very own virtual thoroughbred race horses without spending a penny of real money! If it was any more realistic, there would be betting on the races!


Starting your own FREE stable is fast, easy and safe! We don't ask for any personal or credit card information! Equination also offers an optional account upgrade for your stable once you have created your account. For a very small and reasonable annual fee, your stable can be transformed into a premium stable, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy some amazing features! Some of these features include: access to the brand new race viewer, where you can actually watch your horse race; the opportunity to compete in all of our prestigious graded stake races; the ability to race your horses internationally; and much, much more!


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2011-03-22 16:29:12 Racer (unregistered) IP: 216.154.*.*
One of the most intricate games available and the breeding side of the game is a real winner with genetics at work. Patience pays off to get a real winning stable going. Lots to learn and lots of friendly players to help out!
2011-09-12 19:06:22 Karik (unregistered) IP: 212.108.*.*
Alright alrhigt alright that's exactly what I needed!
2012-07-04 16:54:12 (unregistered) IP: 115.166.*.*
Used to be good, but has become so slow it has almost become impossible. If it was a horse you would put it down. Takes forever to open a page. If you have to try it I suggest taking a basic membership (free). Premium members get no priority, although you do get to have more stables which defies logic. More horses = more pages to open and more time spent looking aimlessly at a blank screen. Why anyone would pay good money for that is a mystery??? Perhaps Jackie will realise it one day before the game totally collapses.
2012-08-25 06:50:14 Hossam (unregistered) IP: 114.148.*.*
I enjoyed the wneeked tremendously and I really like your questions about how much is too much? I like the idea of asking ourselves, Does this horse want to do this? Will it EVER want to do this? They DO want to feel good about themselves. Let's not make them do what they do not think they will ever be good doing!Rooney
2013-08-07 11:11:41 horse racing fan (unregistered) IP: 173.22.*.*
harness nation is better game- the the harness horses BABY
2014-01-06 07:27:06 DC (unregistered) IP: 72.57.*.*
Great game with piss poor management. The owner thinks we should wait on her and be happy she decided to show up and fix problems. Site runs good for a bit then there always seems to be problems that show up, when they do your not allowed to say anything bad about it in the forums or you get bad mouthed and banned in the forums. Game could be one of the best if new ownership would take over.
2014-12-18 15:49:23 Bita (unregistered) IP: 190.38.*.*
The voice of ratnioality! Good to hear from you.
2016-01-21 23:46:57 dick head (unregistered) IP: 173.24.*.*
and u wonder why u dont win any races asswipe, u cant knock management & expect 2 win dillweed
2016-02-08 22:15:09 Bayle (unregistered) IP: 198.200.*.*
An answer from an expert! Thanks for conintbutirg.
2018-08-04 16:56:54 4 horsemen (unregistered) IP: 86.22.*.*
Joined the Harness racing version of this game and am not impressed. You are supposed to be able to play for free if you want to, and subscription is allegedly cheaper than other racing games. However, you cannot create a starter horse unless you buy premium currency,which is actually more expensive than other games I have tried. You also cannot access auctions without a paid upgrade and if you want to buy a horse you willnot be able to afford anything decent with your starting money
Game guide is non existant and the chatroom does not work. Also you have to create a seperate account to access the forums.
Worst game I've ever tried. Avoid.
2019-11-27 22:33:44 Me (unregistered) IP: 151.213.*.*
Tried repeatedly to register for this game and it always just sent me back to the register page. Way too much trouble to try to play a computer game

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