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SIM Horse Racing - Online horseracing manager game

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Sport: Horse Racing
User Rating: 59.31% (255 votes)
59.31% 59.31% 59.31% 59.31% 59.31%
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SIM Horse Racing - Online horseracing manager game


The most realistic virtual horse racing website on the net!
Race, Breed, Train, Buy, Sell, and Claim Horses! Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Standardbreds, and more! Dirt, Turf, Synthetic, and Steeplechase racing! Own an unlimited number of horses! Friendly community with players of all ages!




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2012-06-11 14:03:52 Sumonsk (unregistered) IP: 75.119.*.*
NBA 2K11 is an above and beyond effrot by the 2K11 game creators. The past two years of 2K haven't been anything to special; in-fact, I was never a big fan of 2k. I always played "NBA Live", but since they converted that to "NBA Elite" (which is receiving very bad hype), I decided to go with 2K this year. Honestly, I believe I made the correct choice. b
2013-01-13 17:32:08 Patrick (unregistered) IP: 193.71.*.*
Simhorseracing is very realistic and mildly addictive. Since joining up nearly three years ago I've had a ton of fun and met a lot of really nice people. The friendly atmosphere makes getting started really simple, but having success is still a challenge. Can very well be played for free but has some paid options that simplify stable management. Highly recommmended.
2014-03-22 02:43:16 Sporky (unregistered) IP: 67.5.*.*
Enjoyed it, for about a year as a paying subscriber. Eventually the overbearing, negative and intrusive management became an issue.
2014-05-05 14:22:38 Tyler (unregistered) IP: 122.150.*.*
Addictive game that let's you breed, train and race your future champion horse. Has Arabians, appys, Paints, quarter horses, harness, chasers and thoroughbreds. Also has friendly owners who a willing to help out new players. I found this site has the easiest setup to get going.
2014-05-05 15:05:17 Very Happy Player (unregistered) IP: 71.237.*.*
Very realistic atmosphere, especially with the emphasis on pedigree, and patience required to build a quality stable. Six other breeds, in addition to Thoroughbred flat and steeplechasing. New players can receive lots of help from veteran players. It can easily become addictive and all-encompassing. I've been playing for five years and nothing has topped it for sheer fun, and the feeling that I'm managing a racing and breeding empire.
2014-05-05 20:33:41 Tess (unregistered) IP: 23.28.*.*
I have been playing for over three years and this game is the most realistic and fun that i've found. They have six breeds including Arabians, Appaloosas, Quarter horses, Paints, Standardbreds (both trotters and pacers)and Thoroughbreds (both flat and steeplechasers). There is lots of help for new players including veteran players that volunteer to mentor. This game also lets you breed and train your own racehorses.
2014-05-05 21:07:29 Grrrrrrrl (unregistered) IP: 174.228.*.*
Best, most realistic racing game out there. Fun, friendly community and the management is always working on ways to make the game even better. Highly recommended and very addictive.
2014-05-05 22:04:59 Racer X (unregistered) IP: 68.202.*.*
The most enjoyable and realistic horseracing game ever and I've tried them all. Easy to learn, and the community is friendly and helpful to new players. There's no limit to how many horses you can own or breed. Along with Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds there's mixed breed (Quarterhorse, Paint, Appaloosa & Arabian) racing. It's free to play, with an option to pay for added things that make the game more fun like "headshot" portraits of your horses done by professional graphic artists. But you don't need to pay anything to succeed and enjoy the game at all. I've been playing over seven years and it keeps getting better.
2014-05-06 00:48:07 Just Me (unregistered) IP: 184.46.*.*
You Need to play this game! There is a reason players have been around for 10yrs, its that good! Very very addictive in a totally good way. Seriously..go join today!
2014-05-06 15:12:40 Mstar (unregistered) IP: 66.43.*.*
Pretty deep Sim with a bit of a learning curve, and a long while to "level up." But once you get your feet under you, its very addictive, especially if you like deep stats.
2014-05-10 17:43:25 mlou (unregistered) IP: 99.235.*.*
It's the only horse racing game I've played, so I have nothing to compare it with. But then when you have such a great game, there is no need to look elsewhere. As with all "community" situations, politics can get ugly from time to time. SIM management handles it swiftly and gracefully, IMO. Highly addictive, I've been playing over 6 years.
2016-04-14 21:19:44 E'Town (unregistered) IP: 104.137.*.*
I have been playing since October of 2011. It can be challenging at times but I really love this game. A lot of improvements have been made since I have joined and the game keeps evolving. It pretty much has every breed of racing horses there is. I highly recommend this game.
2016-06-12 15:34:45 Swegyanks (unregistered) IP: 174.59.*.*
Amazing i claimed a stakes potential horse for only 1,500 and its rating was 81 it was awesome
2020-08-25 06:29:55 Annon (unregistered) IP: 71.50.*.*
Decent game is you enjoy the social aspect. Not a game for a game player as the owner gives the best horses and stallions to her friends.
2023-01-10 17:09:38 AJ (unregistered) IP: 66.112.*.*
This game is all about who you know. The owner is also a player/breeder, and she rigs the game for her friends, who are the top players. I literally spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on this game, and it is awful. I don't know how anyone can brag about being a top player when it is clearly rigged for Emily's friends.
2023-01-13 16:22:41 Horse Fan (unregistered) IP: 18.117.*.*
Reply to the last post by AJ:

I literally spent thousands of dollars on this game and yes you are right about the owner and how she caters to her friends. A good majority of anyone who has ever played this game threw their money away.
2023-10-14 22:42:13 2cured (unregistered) IP: 72.138.*.*
Game is SO rigged for Emily's friends. She keeps certain belligerent, abusive players in the game and defends their actions, yet will waste no time banning others for similar offenses. It feels like the rules just don't apply to a certain clicky group of people in the game, and that said clicky group happens to be some of the most elite.
2023-11-24 23:16:31 TheWiz (unregistered) IP: 69.17.*.*
This game is nothing more than a waste of time and money. The graphics are no good and you cannot even watch your horses in HD. Not only that, but it is rigged for the owner's IRL friends and neighbours. The Steward (owner) even says on her forum slogan "There is no secret to training a good horse, but to own one." When players quit, she gives those good horses to her besties.

Not only that but her friends are mostly abusive bullies. Louise Bayou, Danny Derby, Ashley Gibson are just to name a few.


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