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Handballr - Online handball manager game

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Sport: Handball
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Handballr - Online handball manager game


Handballr is a fictional online handball manager game where you are the manager of a handball club and control everything. The challenge of the game is to manage your club and set the best tactic, train the team and your youth players, buy/sell other players and win big titles. Handballr is a long term game and each season is 12 weeks long. Challenge your friends in friendly matches each week or focus on the two series matches played each week.

You have to find the best strategy to improve your players. Some players will improve fast and some will no improve at all. You have to decide if you should seel the players or switch strategy. Maybe you have enough money to buy better players on the transfer market. Handballr is available to play with both male and female players, which are separate leagues.

The game was released early 2021 and is played in your web browser. It's easy to get started and you join by selecting the country where you live and start your journey thorugh the divisions towards the big trophies. May the best manager win!


Free and there is possibility to buy extra functions which improves game experience but does not affect your in game success.


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2021-08-09 06:11:56 Edmund (unregistered) IP: 188.147.*.*
The best manager game!!
2022-07-19 15:41:14 Alles (unregistered) IP: 94.101.*.*
Classic simple management game. Game has a cool twist, because you can manage either men's or women's teams.
Unfortunately, there are two major downfalls.
First, the site is not optimized for mobile devices: it is impossible to edit your lineup for the upcoming match using mobile browser (Chrome in my case), so this makes the game unplayable using your phone.
Second, the player base is too small. The game has almost 40 countries, each country has it's own championships for men and women. This makes all the tournaments extremely unpopulated, with 2-4 human controlled teams and a bunch of bots. I think all teams should be merged into one championship with several divisions.
2023-02-14 06:53:49 sasho (unregistered) IP: 130.185.*.*
Great game

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